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Prevent Further Damage in Restoration – 5 Ways Professional Movers Can Help!


Restoration companies are the first point of contact after a disaster. Perhaps the client’s home flooded during a recent storm, or a fire destroyed it. Hiring a moving company can prevent further damage in restoration.

In all cases, your client wants to get back the beauty and livability of their home. The job is to clean up the mess and preserve and protect the house and its contents from further damage.

However, when you reach the house, one of the responsibilities is to work around furniture, home accessories and heavy appliances. It may be possible in some cases to complete work around tables, chairs, or couches, but for the most part, it is essential to clear out clutter – both for the safety of your team and to avoid additional damage.

Also, restorers rarely get insurance against the loss or damage of contents. Understand that if you take the responsibility yourself, your team could accidentally damage the property further.

Hence, many restoration companies prefer partnering with professional moving services. Here are five ways moving companies can help restoration companies –

1. Cleaner Workspaces

Of course, you need clutter-free space to work effectively and complete your project on time. But if there are pieces of furniture or other items in place, you can quickly find yourself having additional work to deal with, having to take extra precautions to protect contents and move items back and forth from one place to another. In this scenario, professional movers can help give your team a breather. They can quickly move the furniture and other heavy equipment out of your way and store it in a place away from the workspace. When you finish your project, you can ask them to put the furniture back to their original place.

2. Specialist Moving

Think about all the heaviest and cumbersome items in your client’s home like big antique clocks, big desks, large living room couches, tall bookshelves etc. If you think of carrying a DIY moving project, it can leave a scrape on a wall or scratch the hardwood floor, leading to more damage in the process. Professional movers have the right equipment and experience to carry out these specialist moving tasks. From dollies to moving pads, the movers are more versed carrying bulky goods in and out of the home.

3. Insurance for Destruction of Contents

As we mentioned in the beginning, most restoration companies do not think about getting insurance against the destruction or loss of contents, which means you could be liable for the cost of replacing in case of damage. As a result, your restoration company could end up paying damage claims on contents that were preventable. Moving companies like Two Small Men with Big Hearts document any pre-existing damage on the contents before they’re moved. We take photos of all inventory and carefully examine every piece. Hence, we make sure the move is carried on efficiently and also, you do not pay for damage for which you were not responsible.

4. Get Affordable Storage Solutions

Partnering with Two Small Men with Big Hearts means that you can leverage from all other partnerships that our company has. We know that moving and storage go hand in hand; this is why we’ve built relationships with several storage partners across Canada. With our help, your clients can keep their goods undamaged or restore their belongings away from the place where the remodelling work is going.

5. Thoroughly Trained and Dedicated Crew

When you partner with our moving services, we assign you a crew of dedicated personnel that have tremendous experience and knowledge working with restoration companies. That way, you can reassure your clients that their moves will be carried on resourcefully and efficiently.

Are you a restoration company looking for moving partners?

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