August 13,2019 | Business/Commercial Moving

How Can Moving Partnerships Elevate Buying Experience for Real Estate Clients?


We all understand how complicated, time-consuming, and expensive the home buying process is. That’s why most buyers welcome help from a real estate agent.

But as a realtor, your job is not limited to walking through homes, handling the paperwork, and fighting legal battles when they arise. We know you’re a jack of all trades!

Your work benefits greatly from the referrals of satisfied customers, and we believe that you can drum up referrals by making their buying experience even better.

One way to do it would be by creating powerful partnerships and diversifying into previously untapped areas of home moving. So, while you run through the intricacies of property sales, wouldn’t it be nice to empower yourself with a moving partnership and better moving-related information?

How Partnering with Moving Companies can Enhance the Buying Experience?

Moving companies and real estate agents share similar target markets. Partnering with a full moving service company will provide a concrete and valuable service to the clients enhancing the buying experience. It helps clients:

  • Save time on the stressful process of finding a moving service
  • Relieve anxiety associated with the planning and coordination of every aspect of the move
  • Focus energy on the other elements of buying process
  • Protect all their belongings when moving (less risk than moving by yourself)
  • Be more cost-effective than doing it all alone
  • Get the job done faster

5 Things You Can Do to Make Improve Their Moving Experience

Create a Moving Checklist: Find it online or ask your moving partners to give you a brief moving checklist, so you can advise your clients what to do when they are moving to their new property. You can highlight what they need to do and who to call before and after the move. You can cover extra tips like calling the utility companies, asking for cable changes or changing mailing addresses. This helps your clients with smoother moves, and you can distinguish yourself as an “Additional Services Real Estate Agent.”

Help them with an Estimate: Your customers have already invested a huge amount of cash on buying property. When you partner with a moving company, your customers expect to save some money if they decide to go with your move partners. Help your customers get the best moving estimate and find the right deal for their move.

Advise on Best Move Dates: As a real estate agent, you are in the best position to advise your clients about the best dates to move to the new property. You can let your moving partner know the same, and they can help your client set up the time and date.

Help Your Clients & Move Partners Stay in the Loop: Keep communication going with your clients even after all the paperwork and formalities are done. Explain all requirements before booking a move. Help your mover partners discuss all the aspects related to the move with the clients and make them aware of even the minutest of details.

Help Them Understand the Rules: If your client is moving into a condo, help them and your move partners understand the building’s moving policy before moving day. You can give them details about access restrictions like small elevators, walk-ups, narrow driveways etc. and whether they will need to assemble and disassemble the furniture or not, book a service elevator or time frame before moving.

Partner with Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Co.

As movers and real estate agents share a common customer demographic, working together helps both to achieve a better experience for their customers. Many customers who trust our Two Small Men with Big Hearts moving service are inclined to follow our recommendations.

As your moving partners, we can suggest our clients communicate about their property dealings with our partner real estate agents. This is especially beneficial for realtors who are in the middle of an office relocation and are using a temporary space until they find the right office space.

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