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Moving to Grande Prairie? Here’s what the city is all about! 

Welcome to Grande Prairie, the hub of the Peace Region in Alberta. This quaint city in the prairies is “Home of the Trumpeter Swan,” as is it the nesting ground for these birds during the summer months – the city is nicknamed Swan City for this purpose. 

There are many reasons to be happy about living in Grande Prairie. It is a thriving young city with continuous opportunities, has a fascinating history, a delicious food scene, and diverse art and cultural communities. Swan City’s economy is built on four pillars: oil and gas, forestry, agriculture, and retail, allowing locals and newcomers to the city great career opportunities. 

With the city being so diverse, there are multiple cultural associations, so if you’re looking to make friends with like-minded people, you’ll be able to find them in this city!  

Outdoor Activities: 

There are plenty of local festivals and agricultural fairs during the summer months. A short drive outside the city will lead you to the mountains. You’ll be able to see an abundance of wildlife from elk, moose, caribou, bison, bears and much more. For the fishing enthusiasts, lakes and rivers allow you to experience some world class fishing. And during your adventures, don’t forget to look up to spot different species of birds. 

Here are some of the parks and activity ideas that are in Grande Prairie or a short distance away from the city to get you started on your adventure: 

  • Muskpseepi Park showcases the natural beauty of this northern region and with its dozens paved trail, it’s perfect for a bike ride. 
  • Saskatoon Island Provincial Park is only a 15-minute drive from the city, where you can find yourself on an island of forest, wetlands, and shrubland. It is one of Alberta’s first provincial parks and is situated between two lakes:  Saskatoon Lake and Little Lake. 
  • Sundance Balloons is a hot air balloon ride that flies over Bear Creek, the hilly terrain of Grande Prairie, and the cliffs and valleys of Northern Alberta. 
  • Nitehawk Adventure Park is the place for activity lovers. Locals go skiing, snowboarding, tubing and more during the winter, and slide down water ramps, or mountain bike during the summer. 

Indoor Activities: 

Grande Prairie is rich in fossil resources, which means dinosaurs once roamed around this region. To learn more about paleontology research, we recommend checking out some of the museums. If dinosaurs are not your cup of tea, we added a few other suggestions to the list as well: 

  • Philip J, Currie Dinosaur Museum will take you back 230 million years ago to the Mesozoic Era. 
  • Centre 2000 is a place for locals and tourists alike. You’ll find information about the city and its history. You can even explore the educational Heritage Discovery Centre located on the first floor. 
  • Art Gallery of Grande Prairie is where you’ll find art from renowned artists and local artists. 
  • Centre for Creative Arts is for those who want to take the step in becoming artists. The centre provides classes and resources for the community. 


These are just a stepping stone to help you navigate your new city. We will let you find the rest of the hidden gems while you explore the city of Grande Prairie! 

We love operating in Grande Prairie, and we know our team members agree that it’s a great place to live. If you’re moving to Grande Prairie, trust our experienced, local movers to get you and your belongings there safely and efficiently. 


We understand if you only need movers to get you from Point A to Point B. But did you know that Two Small Men offers additional opt-in moving services that can help make your move even easier? Check out our Moving Services page and talk to your Move Coordinator to learn more about these services!  


Packing Supplies & Services 

We offer professional packing and unpacking services – you can book packing day in advance of your move, and a Two Small Men crew will come safely pack your belongings while you focus on other moving day prep. The tips and tricks our team has acquired after over 30 years of moving will ensure that your belongings are packed safely and snugly for same-condition arrival at your new home or office! 


Furniture Assembly & Disassembly  

Your first night in your new home shouldn’t be spent struggling to assemble furniture. Moving is exhausting, and you and your family deserve to sleep soundly in your own beds after what was likely an emotional day. Our crew can re-assemble most furniture on arrival at the new home so that all you have to do in the evening is relax and unwind! 


Storage Services 

Two Small Men is proud to partner with BigSteelBox to assist our customers with their storage needs. If you choose to move with a moving container, we can help with the loading and unloading process. 

BigSteelBoxes are shipping containers, so they are extremely secure. They’re wind, water, and rodent-proof and come equipped with a lockbox that protects your padlock from bolt cutters. 

BigSteelBox has locations across Canada, and they offer secure storage at their facilities. This is a very handy option because you’ll only have to load and unload your moving container once, even if you need storage in between your move! 


Junk Removal 

Let’s face it: one of the worst parts of moving is dealing with junk disposal afterward. You probably have a lot of move-related debris that needs to go such as packing paper or peanuts, Styrofoam, boxes, and more. Maybe you’ve decided it’s time for some new furniture and you’re just not sure how to get rid of that old chair that wouldn’t sell online. We can coordinate the junk removal for you, so after everything you do want is unloaded from our truck, let us load up what you don’t want and take it to the local junkyard for you.  


Item Donation 

Have stuff you want to get rid of that is gently used, but you haven’t been able to find the time or don’t have the space in your vehicle to get it to a local charity? There’s no reason to hold onto these items past moving day – we can coordinate the item donation for you and have partners in most cities who will happily accept donated goods.  


More Services


Did you know that we sell packing supplies and deliver them right to your door? Click here to browse the moving and packing supplies and packing supply bundles we offer — these are the same high quality supplies we use and they come highly recommended by our professional movers!

We have more information on the Two Small Men Blog about must-have packing supplies that you can read right here. Or, if you’re not sure what types of boxes are available and what your specific box needs are, check out our blog post on that very topic!


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