7 Tips to Get Your Staff Onboard for Better Office Moves


7 Tips to Get Your Staff Onboard for Smooth Office MoveWhen you plan on growing big, you also need a bigger office space.

You may acquire a beautiful place to expand your operations; however, change can always be hard to deal for people working at your organization. Your employees have spent significant time working at the current location and moving staff to a new office can be overwhelming.

As you plan a move to new office space, make sure to collaborate your efforts with your employees and get back to your business in minimum possible time.

So, what can you do to make this transition better for your employees?

Tips to help your staff onboard a stress-free office move:

  • Brand the Move as Company’s Growth: As you plan to move, tell your employees all about what’s happening and most importantly, why it is happening. Invite them to become a part of the decision-making process and build a better environment for them to interact. Craft a communication policy that explains how a bigger office space can contribute to the company’s growth plans and also in what way their collaboration can augment the organization’s success.

  • Communicate on a Regular Basis: Organize frequent meetings and make use of emails, newsletters, videos to keep staff updated about what is happening. Regular communication makes your team feel more valued and also increases transparency within the organization. You can start by creating a shared folder where everyone can access files related to the company’s relocation.

  • Provide Resources for Easy Transition: You can provide your staff floor plans to a new building including information on parking and commuting. Also, prepare a calendar with key announcements, timelines, office closures, packing instructions and details on where your employees will find the supplies at the new office. This will help minimize your business downtime and get your employees to work as soon as possible.

  • Take up Questions and Create a FAQ list: You should always anticipate questions from your employees when you are moving to a new space. You can start by putting up a probable FAQ list, answering questions on amenities, nearby areas or the new space in general. However, do not forget to answer the most vital questions like strategies and approaches to move. You can also create step by step instructions for your employees to follow.

  • Onboard Your IT Team Early: Technology is incredibly important, and you cannot work without it. You can plan to onboard your IT team early at your new office so they can set up servers, office equipment, check plugs and also give suggestions on the furniture placement to support technology. Also ask them to coordinate with the vendors, test new gear and dispose of any old inessential equipment.

  • Setup Employee Focus Groups: Feedback from your employees can make your moving process more seamless. Ask your staff if they are facing any trouble and follow up with their issues as quickly as possible. Organizing feedback sessions, establishing employee focus groups can help you onboard your staff more promptly at new space. You can also find some influencers who are excited about moving to the new location to talk to other employees. When you are finally moving, the first few days can be crucial, and your efforts can help your staff with easy settling.

  • Consider the Workload: It is possible that some employees may have a more significant workload or need to deliver an important project during the week of the move. Understand the implications your business will have if the work is disrupted for some time. Give your staff time to complete the crucial tasks and consider pushing dates a little if your business can experience a setback. Also, some employees could be working extra for crucial business deals; you can evaluate their responsibilities and help them pack.

Plan Office Move with Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Co.

While moving into a bigger space is a pretty exciting time for a company, it can also be extremely stressful since expansion can add to your responsibilities. You may not want to exhaust your staff with an extreme workload.

At Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Co., we know the ins and outs of office relocations and can help your company avoid costly mistakes. We are the office movers for some of the most trusted organizations in Canada. Our professionals oversee each, and everything is done correctly, including lifting, packing and shifting of expensive electronic equipment.

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