Storage Services

Storage Services

There are many reasons why you might need to place items in storage before, during, or after your move. Whether it’s due to downsizing, a long-distance move, or temporary relocation, our safe, secure, and top-of-the-line storage facilities will keep your belongings safe until you’re ready to bring them home.

About our storage services

Whatever the case, it is incredibly important to you that your items are stored safely and securely no matter the amount of time they will spend in storage. At Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving, the secure storage of your items is incredibly important to us too.

Our connections with storage facilities across the country will ensure you get the right unit for you at the right place. At select Two Small Men locations, we even offer storage services on-site. For the areas where we don’t have on-site storage, though, you don’t need to worry — we have created long-standing partnerships with trusted, professional storage providers to make storage and moving a seamless, one-stop shopping experience for Two Small Men customers.

Two Small Men is proud to work with BigSteelBox  as our primary storage partner. If you choose to move with a moving container, like a BigSteelBox, we can help with the loading and unloading process, plus it comes with a built-in storage service.

BigSteelBoxes are shipping containers, which means they’re extremely secure. They’re weather and rodent-proof and come equipped with a lockbox that protects your padlock from bolt cutters.

BigSteelBox has locations across Canada, and in addition to local and long-distance moving services, they also offer secure storage at their facilities. This is a very handy option because you’ll only have to load and unload your moving container once, even if you need storage in between your move!

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Ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible with our free moving checklist. It contains great advice for before, during, or after your move.

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