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Long Distance Movers

Let Canada’s top long distance movers get you where you’re going, whether it's cross-country or cross-province.

Our cross-country network and comprehensive packing, moving, shipping, and storage services makes us one of Canada’s favourite long distance moving companies; moving with Two Small Men is easy, cost-effective, and stress-free.

So go ahead and get excited about your new adventure and about long distance moving. Canada has beautiful cross-country views by train, plane, or automobile—leave the details to the long distance moving experts (that’s us —  Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving)!

Your long distance move starts here

Moving to a new city, province, or across Canada? Start planning with Canada’s top long distance and cross-country moving company.


A national moving network

Two Small Men with Big Hearts has locations in local communities across Canada, helping make your long distance move as smooth as possible.

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Our Step-by-step guide to Long Distance Moves


Step 1 – Arrival on Moving Day

Our professional long distance movers will arrive at your current address on time, fully prepared, and ready to get to work. They’ll happily receive any specific instructions or thoughts you may have before getting started and will take you through any paperwork related to your move in detail so that you know exactly what to expect.


Step 2 – Packing (Optional)

If you booked packing services, we’ll begin to carefully pack your belongings and labeling boxes with your guidance for your new home. Our movers are packing pros who know the safest ways to pack your items for transport to your new home. If you haven’t booked packing services yet, reach out to your Move Coordinator for more information! 


Step 3 – Loading the Moving Truck

The bread and butter of every professional move — our team will load your items and belongings securely onto our truck. They’ll then be transported carefully and efficiently to your new city, province, or cross-country to your new home. This is one of our favourite parts of moving, and we’re guessing it’s probably your favourite part to not have to worry about!


Step 4 – Off-Loading

Once we arrive at your new home, your items and belongings will be unloaded by our long distance movers and placed in whichever room you want them to be—after all, convenience is key in a long distance move! We recommend using some sort of labeling system so that boxes can be delivered to their proper rooms without too much direction from you after a long and stressful relocation.


Step 5 – Feedback

When the move is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a customer survey. Here at Two Small Men with Big Hearts, we take customer feedback very seriously—it’s how we improve our services and grow. If you have any questions or concerns, our team will be happy to help you out. We’d very much appreciate you taking the time to evaluate us!

More than movers

We offer a variety of additional services that help make your life easier and your long distance or cross-country move go smoother, including packing, storage, special item transport, and more.

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Download your long distance moving checklist

Ensure your cross-country move goes as smoothly as possible with our free moving checklist. It contains great advice for before, during, or after your move.

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