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Your quote’s Accuracy

Your quote includes a fixed hourly rate. The estimated length of your move is determined based on the information you provide. Three main factors affect the accuracy of the estimate:


When it comes to making a move efficient, preparation is key! It always helps save time if you can have everything packed and ready to go. Any item that can go in a box should. Also, moving boxes and items as close to the entrance/exit of your home as possible really helps.


It can be difficult to remember everything that needs to be moved when you’re filling out a form or discussing a quote. We recommend doing a walkthrough of your home beforehand so you can take notes on the number and variety of items you have. This will help your quote be as accurate as possible!


How long is the walk from your door to the entrance of the building? How close can we back the truck to that entrance? Is the snow and ice cleared from walks in the wintertime? How tall/wide are pathways, entrances, stairwells, etc.? Issues like this can have an impact on the length of your move and, therefore, your quote.

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