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We all can admit office moves are tough.

There is a comprehensive thought-process involved with office relocations. From determining task lists to compiling office essentials and estimating the timeframe, you’ll need to get everything ready beforehand, to minimize your downtime.

At Two Small Men with Big Hearts, we offer a fast, safe and reliable office moving service, which ensures that your business experiences minimum disruption, no matter the scale of your move. 

Here’s how our office movers have been helping our clients with their dependable and sincere services:

Office Moving Pros to Manage you Moves

We know office moving is entirely different from residential moves. We have an incredible crew of movers Canada-wide, who are willing to make things come together in your new office. Not only this, our professional movers make every effort to understand your unique priorities assisting stakeholders in planning and move management. We have a staff who is well trained and specialized in:

•    Protection of all office equipment and electronics 

•    Security and organization of all client information

•    Completing large scale moves in minimum time 

Find a Complete Estimate  

As you call us, our moving specialist takes the details of the move. You can ask for a free estimate and get an idea for the cost involved. However, as office moves take place on a more massive scale, we recommend a walk-through of the office building from our estimator. 

As the estimator reaches your place to catch all the details of the building, you can have an elaborate discussion and plan a move, understanding what all is involved. 

When calculating costs, there are the following considerations:

•    What exactly do you plan to bring to your new location?

•    Are there any items that would not go in the truck?

•    Will you need a subcontractor service?

•    Do you require complete packaging and storage services?

Professional Help from Project Manager 

A professional project manager can help you from the outset of your move. In general, the project manager will oversee the entire project and prepare a thorough assessment of every facet. 

Project management for office moves include professional guidance to the employees before and during the move. Also, the project manager can help you prepare schedules, arrange for packing and recruit third-party services to ensure all the equipment are correctly placed. 

There might be items that need to be decommissioned (goods that will be donated, thrown, sold, left behind for new owners, transported yourself). The project manager can help you decommission items to the local non-profit organizations. 

Box Coding for Organized Moves 

Your moving services must stay organized for office moves. We make sure that everything is moved from the old office to your new one and also, ends up in the right place. It is critical for us to ensure security of all valuable and confidential client information. 

We have a box coding system in place for better organization. Our movers take time to code every box and piece of equipment appropriately before loading to the truck. 

Box coding helps our office movers to remain extra sure and know exactly where each box is located. Also, it helps us place the goods where they need to be in the new office. 

Specialized Moving  

Office equipment can be fragile, complicated and very expensive! Our team ensures that when everything arrives at a new place, it is undamaged and in the same working order as before. We can handle everything from furniture to files. From the laboratory, hospital to school, library, warehouse or any internal/external business, our trained supervisors can provide you with highly-specialized office moving services.

Did we miss anything that you need to know?

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