Packing Services

Packing Services

Full service moving companies like Two Small Men can safely pack your items for you. Our crews are trained and experienced in safely packing valuable items such as artwork, sculptures, glass, and other fragile pieces. If you don’t have delicate items but you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of goods you have to pack, you can leave that to us, too!


Our movers are all trained to treat your items as if they were their own, so you know everything will be packed securely and without damage.

Regardless of whether you want us to do the packing or if you’re more comfortable doing some of it on your own, we’ve got the moving supplies you need. We have every kind and size of box and material you could need to ensure all of your belongings arrive organized and in mint condition. 

If you need extra help with your packing, make sure to download our free moving checklist (see below). This list is designed to take you through the moving process, before, during, and after, to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.  

How do packing services work? Who uses them?  

Our packing services are used by a wide variety of people planning moves—from office to residential, storage, into senior care facilities, local, and long-distance moves, we’ve packed for just about every type of move there is. When you book your move with Two Small Men, you can book packing services prior to moving day, or unpacking services to follow the end of your move. Just tell us what needs packing and where it’s going, and we’ll handle the rest! 

You can reach out to your Move Coordinator to book packing (and unpacking) services. If you haven’t booked with us yet and want to start your quick, free quote, you can do so by clicking here! 

Why should I use packing services?  

Whether you decide to use packing services will depend on a few factors. The first, and likely the most important question you should ask yourself is “Do I have room in my budget for the additional cost of the pack time?” 

You may want to consider using packing services if you have a large volume of items to move—people who haven’t moved in several years will often have accumulated a trove of belongings. We always recommend dedicating a chunk of time to downsizing before moving day, but if you have a large household, office, or otherwise, a pack day may be the best option to keep your move as stress-free as possible. 

How much do packing services cost?  

Much like when you move with us, our packing services have an hourly rate that is determined by several factors. Your hourly rate will depend on a few factors, including: 

  • The city you are in 
  • The time of month you are moving 
  • The time of year you are moving 

Another cost to consider for packing services includes packing supplies. Our team will bring supplies in case they’re needed at a small additional cost, but if you already have packing supplies we can use those instead (provided they’re in good condition)!  

Your Move Coordinator will let you know the hourly rate for your pack day and answer any other questions you have about packing services, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them! 

Download our moving checklist

Ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible with our free moving checklist. It contains great advice for before, during, or after your move.

Download our free checklist