August 27,2019 | Moving Tips

Take a Load Off Your Homebuyer’s Minds


Real estate is a busy industry, and agents always find their plates full of work.

However, the perk of working in this industry is that you get to share your client’s dreams and aspirations. After all, the new home is not merely a place to live; it’s where they will raise their families, build memories and share happy and sad times.

Once your client decides on buying the proposed property, there’s so much to look forward to. As “word of mouth” is still the best way to increase your client base, the crucial takeaway here is to empathize with your clients and provide them with everything they need.

One way to accomplish this is by partnering with a moving company.

Just like realtors, movers also want to help their clients transition into their new homes quickly and with as little hassle to the customer as possible. By collaborating with a moving company, you create a mutually beneficial relationship, while taking a load off your homebuyer’s mind and helping them with more streamlined services.

Here’s how partnering with local movers can help a homebuyer:

Planning Ahead is Easy for Your Clients

There is always so much to do when your client buys a new home – compliance work, documentation, financial planning – the list goes on. While you and the new homebuyer take care of more essential tasks, local movers can support you in their transition period.

Your client can easily choose dates and times for when they want to move into their new home, and your moving company will arrange everything else. From packing, loading, unloading, transportation to unpacking, local movers make sure that everything is done once, the right way.

Their Belongings Reach Safely

Your client may have bought new furniture before moving to a new place or have fragile items. However, accidents happen all the time. Movers lessen the risk of damaging your items or losing anything before it reaches a new place.

The number one priority of movers is to keep your client’s possessions safe, and so, by hiring them, your clients can rest easy that their belongings are in good hands. For example, Two Small Men with Big Hearts takes photos of the inventory before moving to ensure the accuracy of the item quantity and condition with pictures and a tag list.

Save More Money

While the common perception is that hiring a moving company could add to your client’s budget, in the long run, movers can be more cost-effective than doing the job yourself. Also, it saves you from a lot of hassle – from running to get extra supplies, bubble wraps to getting tools for moving heavy equipment (not everyone has extra dollies or large ramp).

Professional movers already have everything at their disposal, and the homebuyers do not have to worry about the costs of buying all the equipment themselves. When you connect with a moving company, they value your partnership and offer some subsidized moves for your clients, which in turn help save your clients some extra money.

Everything is More Organized

When moving, your clients might miss or forget a few small things – like missing a few labels for their boxes or placing boxes in wrong rooms. Little by little, these can cause higher inconvenience and waste a lot more time. After a long day of lifting, loading, and unloading, your client will not want to worry about sorting the mismatched boxes.

Professional movers like Two Small Men with Big Hearts use techniques like Box coding to make sure that everything ends up in the right place, reducing the time to get everything unpacked. Our movers take time to code every box and equipment before loading it into the truck.

Partner with Two Small Men with Big Hearts for Positive Referrals

In the era where marketing is everything, reviews and referrals build a positive image for the real estate agents. Referrals allow potential clients to separate the experts from the amateurs.

When you go the extra mile and help your clients tackle new problems, that makes all the difference. Evaluating their needs and referring them to a trustworthy, professional moving company will leave your clients highly satisfied.

By collaborating with Two Small Men with Big Hearts, you can offer your clients valuable guidance and ensure that the entire moving process is smooth. When you forge a partnership with our moving company, we provide your homebuyers with subsidized local moves, which helps them save some extra money. Add value to your real estate business, get in touch with us today!

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