August 20,2019 | Business/Commercial Moving

How Moving Partners Can Help Store Furniture During an Emergency Restoration?


Canadians are not new to extreme weather conditions. There have been terrible incidents in the last few years that have caused billions of dollars in damages.

Whether the damage was caused by natural disasters like a flood or tornado, or it’s the result of a house fire or water leak, we know that these are hard times for the families involved. However, restoration companies are always quick to respond to the requests of the clients no matter the situation.

While most of the restoration work is covered under insurance claims, no one wants to be out of their home for an extended period. In most scenarios, restoration companies have a very tight deadline or need to complete their work in a minimum timeframe.

So, how can moving companies make restoration work faster and easier?

Quickly Remove Belongings from the Site

Before inviting the restoration service company to start the project, it is crucial to move valuables away from the damaged property quickly, to save it from any further damage.

Consider storing it in a place away from the primary location, especially vital business assets and documents. A moving partner can provide immediate, responsive and dedicated help during emergency restorations and rebuilding projects.

They can quickly remove heavy furniture and belongings with the help of sophisticated equipment and tools. Also, they have experienced workers who will provide efficient service in these situations.

Practical and Cost-effective Solution

While hiring a moving company may seem like an added cost to your restoration project, it is a more viable and cost-effective option. Here’s why –

· The job is completed much faster, and you’ll likely stay on budget

· Specialists will handle heavy and more fragile items like pianos, pool tables, safes, helping you avoid any additional expenses arising out of accidents

· Furniture is set back once the restoration project is complete, saving you from the hassle

· Help free up construction space and make it more habitable

Secure and Safe Storage Facility

Depending on the size of the restoration and remediation project, you may have to tear down walls, rip out floors, replace plumbing and electrical work. In this scenario, it is always recommended to store your furniture and belongings offsite.

Once you partner with a moving service, they’ll likely offer a safe and secure storage facility for your furniture and additional belongings. This will protect your possessions and make restoration work much more straightforward, more reliable and faster for the contractors.

Save From Additional Damage

Construction sites are typically dusty, dirty, hot, and filled with all sort of hazardous tools. If the construction crew has to move furniture during the work, your belongings could be at risk. However, it will be a lot less stressful if you move your furniture to the storage facility. You’ll not have to worry about the damage of any kind.

If your renovations are relatively minor, the more affordable option would be to store it onsite, but away from the construction zone. Professionals movers can help you move your furniture to basement, garage, or an extra room (depending on your situation, where you want it stored).

At Two Small Men with Big Hearts, we use commercial grade moving pads, blankets, and equipment to save furniture from damage. We use digital photo inventory technology to maintain accuracy of the item quantity and condition with photos and a tag list. Our quality of service rating for the crew is 90% or higher.

Get Immediate Help from Two Small Men with Big Hearts

We know that restoration companies need to act quickly to minimize the damages associated with the loss of property. At Two Small Men with Big Hearts, we can deliver moving and storage solutions quickly to the restoration sites, especially during disasters.

With secure storage facilities across Canada, you can call our professionals to remove your belongings from the site and store it at the most affordable rates during the entire rebuilding process.

Many restoration companies have experienced a reduction in costs for their contents moving after partnering with us. We have helped our restoration partners reduce their total contents moving budget by eliminating damages.

If you feel that we can help you in your restoration project, please get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to provide immediate assistance.

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