Here’s how a Commercial Mover Streamlines Your Office Move


Time to move your office? Whether you’re moving to a building a few blocks away, the other side of the city — or even totally relocating to another city — you’re probably looking into commercial movers. Of course you are. There’s nothing that promises a fast office move more than having the professionals come in.

Streamline your office move with commercial movers

Nothing Gets Missed with Commercial Movers

When you’re moving offices with commercial movers, you can be confident everything will arrive at the end destination as expected. Everything from large pieces of furniture like desks to crucial electronics, to stationery and other supplies, to employee’s personal items.

You’ll get the supplies you need to pack effectively, the advice on how to make the move work as logistically efficiently as possible, and don’t have to worry that something accidentally gets left behind due to your commercial mover’s tried and true processes. And with a Professional Office Move Project Manager personally overseeing your move, you know you’re getting the attention you need.

Commercial Movers Know How to Handle Sensitive and Fragile Equipment

Whether you’re worried about desktop computers, a server room, or just exceptionally fragile objects, commercial movers are familiar with a huge range of items that require an extra amount of care to move.

Commercial movers come equipped with moving and packing supplies that can help protect all of your sensitive office items. And your movers are skilled at getting even the most cumbersome of office furniture down stairwells, around corners, and into and out of elevators.

Once it’s out of the building, they’re also ready to put their proven loading knowledge to work to ensure that nothing they put in the moving truck will shift and cause damage during transit.

Commercial Movers are the Fastest Way to Accomplish an Office Move

A move is more than just the journey from one place to another itself. When you’re on the other end, you need to get unpacked and set up again right away — especially when you’re a business.

What commercial movers can do is use box coding to confirm that every box and every piece of furniture makes it to the correct room — so that when you’re unpacking, you’re not wasting time trying to track things down. It’s all just right there, exactly where you need it.

Easy Disposal of Unwanted Items

Using the move as an opportunity to get rid of some old stuff in favour of fancy new desks and other equipment? A commercial mover can also lend you a hand getting rid of the old stuff — taking the hassle out of your hands (and in some instances, helping charities with donations!).

Here’s Where Two Small Men Comes In

We’re a commercial moving company with deep experience with office moves. We’ve helped businesses just like yours settle into their new homes and get started up again as soon as possible.

If you’d like a move from a mover that cares about treating your business’s move just like it were its very own, reach out to us and let’s get started.

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