Two Small Men has a variety of partnerships with regional and national freight companies across Western Canada. We help our freight partners provide value added service to their clients performing specialized deliveries.

Services we offer

Two man delivery

Take advantage of our moving program for home staging! We can pick up any furniture that you’ve ordered or have in storage, and we’ll uncrate, assemble, and place it all per the instruction of you and your design team.

Restrictive access

A free or subsidized move can be a great way to enhance your offering to potential buyers. Home buyers have often saved for a deposit and haven’t considered the costs such as legal fees or moving services. Offering a moving credit to your client could allow them to roll the moving charges into their mortgage.

High value

Looking for a free way to provide additional value to your clients? We’ll negotiate discounted pricing to real estate professionals who refer all their clients to Two Small Men.


Freight Partners trust TSM with exceptionally heavy items such as pianos, gun safes or other items that cannot be easily palletized and require placement within an office or residence rather than a dock delivery.


Two Small Men can coordinate a large-scale delivery with multiple offices, suites, or destinations.

Our commitment to you

After years of working with Canadian restoration companies, we’ve designed our restoration partnership services to align with your contents moving needs. We offer professional packing services, detailed inventory lists and photographs, and storage. We offer reasonable storage rates in secure facilities across Western Canada.

Our crews are trained in safety protocols and come equipped with steel toe boots, hard hats, Tyvek suits, and N95 masks. We send experienced crews who have a 90% or higher Quality of Service rating. You can read more about the services we offer below!


Two Small Men has established a program called Mover Excellence to ensure customer satisfaction. We will send top teams with the highest Quality of Service rankings as measured by our After-Service survey. The teams will be trained to meet – and exceed – the expectations of the client and we’ll send the same crews every time.


We want to provide the best possible customer service for your clients. After every move, your dispatcher or coordinator will receive an automated survey. Any feedback that you offer will be used to improve our service on your next job.


We have a fleet of 3-ton and 5-ton trucks equipped with GPS. Many of them are equipped with hydraulic tailgates. Every single piece that is not packed in boxes will be wrapped in commercial grade furniture pads. Red Carpet floor runner service is included on every job.


We’ll establish a distribution list for you and your team ( With just one email, you’ll reach your tailored Two Small Men Team: your personal Account Manager, a Senior Ops Leader, and our Billing clerk. Someone from the team will get back to you right away! We can offer Same Day/Next Day service at our standard rates without any hotshot premiums.


We’ll do everything we can to prevent a claim, but in the rare case a claim occurs, you can rely on our dedicated After-Service Manager. We have developed a claims process called the 2-10-30 guarantee:

  • Customer contacted no later than 2 days after incident
  • An agreed remedy to close claim within 10 days of incident
  • Any matter resolved within 30 days of any incident report


A reliable, responsive partner

Partner with us and experience real value and real peace of mind

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