At Two Small Men with Big Hearts, we care about our customers and we want to do everything we can to ensure every move is a successful one, including moving your business.

There are a lot of things to think about when your business has to move offices. This checklist will help keep you organized throughout the entire office moving process.

Office Moving Checklist


  • Finalize lease for new location
  • Notify present landlord of termination date
  • Present move (location and date) to employees

4-6 weeks before move

  • Research and hire office moving company
  • Research and hire telephone and computer cabling company
  • Create and meet with “moving team” to assign responsibilities
  • Identify insurance requirements for move and check insurance coverage
  • Notify insurance carrier of relocation
  • File change-of-address forms with post office and forward mail
  • Notify all vendors of relocation
  • Telephone Internet Photocopier Water Coffee Service Newspapers and Magazines
  • Notify all other important persons and organizations
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Credit Card/Credit accounts
  • Accounts receivable and payable
  • Professional organizations
  • Schedule Public Relations efforts *Use to notify all clients and customers

    *Use to notify all clients and customers

  • Identify new locations for equipment (printers, fax machines, etc)
  • Finalize office layout and seating chart

3 weeks before move

  • Hold a meeting at new premises with all parties involved (design, construction, mover, cable, IT)
  • Provide moving day instructions to employees
  • Schedule staff for unpacking (store rooms, cabinets, equipment, etc.)
  • Provide recycling and garbage bins for employees to file purge

    *encourage employees to start purging things they don’t need

  • Book moving elevators/loading dock at old and new locations

2 weeks before move

  • Distribute access cards/IDs to employees
  • Arrange for staff to tour new location
  • Change address on company website

1 week before move

  • Prepare emergency contact list for vendors (utilities, telecomm, moving company)
  • Provide packing supplies and begin packing

    *Ask your mover about their packing supplies and services.

1-2 days before move

  • Make sure all boxes are labeled with origin and destination for movers
  • Confirm all vendors and times, including movers

Day of the move

  • Remove computer equipment and phonesystem prior to arrival of movers (this way set up can commence ASAP in new location)
  • Have air conditioning (or heat, this is Canada) turned on in new building
  • Hang all whiteboards and put up all decorations
  • Test phone systems and Internet after installation


  • Do a detailed walk-­‐through to ensure everything is working and nothing is damaged
  • Collect all old parking passes, ID cards, etc. from old location
  • Remove all excess furniture
  • Confirm all change-of-address corrections have been made


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