How To Get Your Staff Onboard For A Smooth Office Move


When you’re conducting an office move, besides the logistics of actually getting it done on the day, you are disrupting normal operations. That can mean frustrated staff unable to do their jobs or find what they’re looking for — especially when the office moving process takes place over a long time period.

Getting your staff onboard for an office move

A smooth office move that minimizes impact on your staff is within your grasp! Check out these tips to get them onboard.

Promote the Benefits of the New Office

In many cases, the new office will be an easy sell. But there’s always potential for resistance. Perhaps someone’s worried that they’ll have a smaller office, or that it’s less convenient to commute to, or that it’s going to break up teams.

Do what you can to alleviate these concerns if you can. And look for and promote the benefits of the new space. Will things actually be easier in the new space? Will it allow you to solve problems that the staff have long suffered with? Think about anything from the air conditioning to a having better location for the printers.

Find Out What’s Most Essential Before the Office Move

Don’t just make decisions about what’s going to be packed and when for your office move without engaging your staff. You might be surprised to find out what they consider essential and what they’re willing to live without for a while.

Generally, people will be happier to give up small things if they feel involved in the decision. And they’ll be better able to keep doing what they do best with minimal disruption.

Be Flexible During the Office Move

As things start getting packed away and it gets harder and harder to actually work in the office (and while the new office isn’t quite set up yet), be as flexible as you can. Offer the option of your staff working from home, if it’s practical to do so, or set up a temporary workspace somewhere.

Many offices can get a lot of work done just on laptops and can handle a couple of remote days without significant impact. It beats just having to close down entirely!

Work with Office Move Professionals

Work with people who really know what they’re doing. A good office mover will have a process you can follow that you can trust gets the results you’re looking for: a hassle-free, minimally disruptive office move.

Everything is covered from making sure everything gets to exactly where it needs to go with box-coding, to having a project manager, to being certain sensitive equipment is handled by people who know what they’re doing.

Looking for that office moving partner? Reach out to us at Two Small Men! We’ve got more information right here.

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