Local moves

Local moves

Are you moving locally? Two Small Men with Big Hearts can get your items to your new home quickly and efficiently, while making sure everything arrives as clean and undamaged as it was when we picked it up.

Our Step-by-step guide to Local Moves

Step 1 – Arrival

Your local move begins when our crew arrives at your house. Our team will explain billing, insurance options, and make a custom moving plan with you.


Step 2 – Packing (Optional)

If you booked packing services, we’ll being carefully packing your belongings and labeling boxes with your guidance for your new home.


Step 3 – Loading

Your items are safely loaded on our truck. Let our team know if there are any specific boxes you’d like unloaded first so they can be loaded last!


Step 4 – Off-Loading

Your belongings are carefully unloaded and taken to the correct room or area in your new home. The crew will wrap up your bill with you.


Step 5 – Feedback

You’ll receive an automated survey that allows you to evaluate every aspect of the move. Your honest feedback helps us to improve our processes!

Download our moving checklist

Ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible with our free moving checklist. It contains great advice for before, during, or after your move.

Download our free checklist