Giving Back

Why do we give back?

The answer is simple: our team has found that giving back to our communities informs our purpose and passion – giving back feels good. More importantly, it has a meaningful impact on some of our most vulnerable community members.

It’s been our experience that small businesses, like ours, have some of the best platforms to create social change in the communities where their teams live and operate. Not only do we have access to considerable local social media and business networks, we have resources available to support our communities in a variety of ways.

Over several years, Two Small Men has created partnerships with local and national charitable organizations in Canada, and our efforts continue to grow each year. Keep reading to learn more about the incredible organizations that we are so lucky to work with, and the programs we’ve developed over time to keep giving back.

Big Hearts Move of the Month

Two Small Men has a Move of the Month partner in each of the busiest cities where we operate. These partners are organizations who help their clients with moves on a regular basis. Every month, we offer our donated services to help them with their moves.

Our current MotM partners include: Shelter Movers Vancouver, Wood’s Homes, the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary, Lurana Shelter, and CanU Canada.

Staff Donated Time

We know that it can be difficult to balance work, life, and community. We wanted our Two Small Men team members to feel empowered to be a part of their community without it costing them their precious personal and family time. That’s why we rolled out our Staff Donated Time program in November. We’re donating 1% of our staff’s time to charitable causes annually: that means every team member at Two Small Men will spend 16 paid hours, or two full days of office working hours per year, helping out an organization in their community.

The Children’s Wish Foundation Trees of Joy

Since 2018, we’ve supported the Children’s Wish Foundation’s Annual Trees of Joy event by delivering every tree decorated in Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatoon to families who work with Children’s Wish. In 2019, our Edmonton team even decorated a tree.  Our team loves this wonderful event – our crews even debate over who will get to deliver the trees!

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Move for Hunger

We are a proud Move for Hunger partner. Move for Hunger works with moving companies across North America to provide food to local food banks. We let our customers know that we can deliver their unwanted non-perishables following their move – and then we do! In 2019, we delivered almost 2000 lbs of food to the Calgary Food Bank. We’re excited to help again in 2020.

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BC Professional Fire Fighters Burn Fund

Two Small Men is proud to be the official moving company of the BC Professional Fire Fighters Burn Fund. Learn more about you can help this wonderful organization.

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Community of Big Hearts

Two Small Men is the founding member of Community with Big Hearts. Established in 2019, it has two objectives:To impact our communities in positive ways and to inspire others to do the same.To shine a spotlight on those who are doing extraordinary things in our community.Our purpose is to support our community in a sustainable way using our skills, infrastructure, and big hearts. Learn more and check out our podcast here.

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