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Moving to Montreal on a Winter Day — Use These 7 Tips!


Is the idea of moving on a freezing cold day to Montreal, giving you chills?

Perhaps, you would have preferred some other time during the year — have you had a chance.

We understand that winters don’t provide ideal moving conditions. Perhaps it’s little rainy, snowy, or icy, which means the moving experience will be both slippery and unsafe.

But moving to Montreal during winter months can have some perks as well.  

  • First, it’s less busy, and you can easily book movers.
  • Second, it’s not hard to secure elevators in your building.
  • Third, your move will be much cheaper in comparison to summers.

However, there are definitely few things to consider before booking your move to Montreal in winter.

Below we have listed few tips:

1. Delays are normal 

Check for weather forecasts in the week leading up to your move. Travel times in Montreal during winters can be challenging. If possible, try not to schedule the move for a snowy day as snowstorms can cause major delays. The good news is moving companies are usually very flexible in winters. But you should talk to your move manager sometime ahead of your move and ask if change in the schedule is possible.

2. Cover the floors 

Floors endure the rugged soles of non-slip boots during winters. If you are planning to move within Montreal during the winter, it’s better to cover the floors with plastic or paper from your local hardware store — as it will help to prevent smudges or scratches. Even better, ask your professional moving service to bring the specialized rubber floor runners. Moreover, you can place utility mats outside the door. This will make movers wipe their shoes before coming in the house.

3. Clear driveways and sidewalks

Shovel, salt, or snow blow walkways carefully and diligently. You want your driveways and sidewalks to be safer for movers as they carry heavy items and furniture. Also, it will help speed up the loading and unloading process, giving you a reasonable amount of time to settle into the new residence.

4. Protect fragile items and electronics 

Use bubble wraps to prevent damage to electronics and fragile items. Most moving trucks do not have heating capabilities. So, it would be better if you transport the electronics in your car to avoid sharp temperature drops. Make sure to double pack delicate items such as glassware and works of art, so they prevent any breakage during transportation.

5. Prepare yourself

If you’re moving to Montreal on a winter day, make sure to wear slip-proof boots and warm, waterproof clothes. Get your shovels ready to clear snow and ice from the driveway. Also, it’s great to have some old sheets and towels by your side. These will help you wipe snow or water from the furniture and other belongings.

6. Move Early in the day

Winter days are short, which limit the time for your move. This is why we suggest that you start moving early in the morning. It gives you a better chance of finishing the move during daylight hours.  

7. Hot drinks for everyone

Get some hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate for your family. Moving on a winter day is tough for everyone, and some hot drinks will give you a break from the cold and the tiring task of packing, labelling, loading and unloading.

Are you planning to move to Montreal in the coming days? If yes, give us a call on 877-217-5834. We are committed to making sure your things get to their new home safely and efficiently. If you don’t want to do any of the packings, our team can handle the task as well as help you with the storage options. 


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