5 Reasons to Move to Kamloops


You might not hear much about it if you’re from somewhere bigger or farther away—like Saskatoon or Halifax—but we think Kamloops is painfully underrated.

The third-largest city in BC, Kamloops is a long-time haven for Canada’s nature lovers, families, business professionals and adventure-seekers.

And it’s more than just a pillow stop on your way to Vancouver. Back in 2017, a total of 1.8 million people visited Kamloops—and thousands of Canadians move to Kamloops every year. We don’t need to tell you that’s huge. Very few cities in Canada are as sought-after as this one.

If you’re still looking for reasons to move here, we have a few up our sleeves.

1. You love the outdoors

We might not be the most populous nation, but Canada makes up for it with unmatched amounts of green scenery, lakes, mountains and plenty of fresh, pine-scented air. It’s common knowledge that the Rocky Mountains are the crown jewels of Western Canada. People travel here from oceans away for ski trips, hiking adventures, and relaxing getaways.

Kamloops is at the heart of this natural marvel.

We’re not just crazy about the mountains here. In Kamloops, there’s always something picturesque to see, whether you love grasslands, hoodoos, canyons or vineyards. Its semi-arid climate promises hot summers, which means plenty of opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking, and especially golfing. Did you know that Kamloops has the highest number of golf courses per capita in Canada? (Most people don’t.)


2. Skiing is your style

You get the best of all seasons here—summer, spring, fall and winter all have their time to shine in Kamloops. But winter definitely stands out (in the best way possible).

Move to Kamloops

Skiers love Kamloops for its abundance of slopes. The Sun Peaks Resort alone has 4,270 acres of skiable terrain. Nestled between Sun Peaks’ award-winning ski hills are unique shops, eateries and cafes in a cozy, European-style village.

Imagine hating winter with all of this in your backyard. It might be impossible.


3. You have the travel bug

You can love the peace and tranquillity of Kamloops and still crave city lights. If you ever want a metropolitan getaway, Kamloops is only four hours away from Vancouver. It’s a very scenic drive.

While there are plenty of lakes in and around Kamloops, Alberta’s stunning Lake Louise is a five-hour drive away. Seattle isn’t too far, either, if you ever need to go south of the border.


4. You want to grow in your career

Kamloops is rich in employment opportunities and enjoys a diverse economy. You can find great careers in financial services, technology, healthcare and many more industries.


5. You like to learn

Kamloops is home to Thompson Rivers University, the largest post-secondary institution in BC north of Vancouver. With 120 undergraduate and graduate programs, and 50 career diploma and certificate programs, TRU is a great education option.

It’s time to find local movers who can take you to Kamloops.

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