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5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Winter Move


It’s already felt like a long winter here in Canada, but those of us who have lived here for a long time know that we’ve still got about 2-3 months left of the season. That means extremely cold days, piles of snow, and icy sidewalks. All of these things can be a hazard if you’re trying to move. For that reason, many people try to move in the warmer months, but sometimes winter moving is unavoidable — and that’s okay! Moving in the winter doesn’t have to be extra stressful if you follow a few simple guidelines.

Follow these 7 tips to ensure you (and your movers) have a safe and easy winter move:


Shovel, Sand, Salt, Repeat

The biggest hazard when you’re moving in the winter is an icy or snow-covered sidewalk and driveway. It’s common for you to be in and out of the house often on moving day, and often in a rush, which is when ice and snow can become very dangerous. Plus, your movers will probably be carrying large items that make it difficult to see the ground (and therefore the icy patches).

That’s why it’s critical to keep the sidewalks and driveways at your old home and your new one clear of snow and ice. Shovel and salt or sand your walkways as close to moving day as you can (ideally on moving day if possible).


Keep Warm

This one may sound obvious, but the key to making sure you (and your movers) stay safe during a winter move is to stay warm. Dress appropriately for the cold weather, and consider turning the heat up a degree or two. The door will probably be opening and closing frequently, which will allow a lot of cold air inside. Plant owners, make sure you move your plants away from the doors to the outside that will experience lots of traffic on a cold moving day.


Double Check Utilities

In the summer or fall it might not be a big deal if you get to your new home and the utilities aren’t actually turned on yet. Sure, it’s inconvenient and a little frustrating, but it’s not as dangerous as if this happens when moving in winter. On moving day (or before) always double check that the utilities at your new house are on and working properly. No one wants to arrive to unload and unpack only to find that the house is freezing. 


Take Extra Care of Electronics

Some electronics are sensitive to temperature and most cannot get wet. During a winter move, take extra precautions when packing electronics to ensure they stay warm and dry for the whole trip. This might mean taking some items with you for quick transport in your car rather than sending them with your moving company.


Watch for the Snowplow

Remember all that shoveling you did the day before moving day? That can all be for naught if the snowplow goes by overnight, leaving a big pile of snow along the curb and impeding your movers as they try to load things into the truck. Check your local snowplow schedule and try to do your shoveling after the plow has already passed by.


Planning a move this winter? The Two Small Men team has been moving in Canada for 40 years, so we’re prepared to move you in any and all weather conditions. Get your free moving estimate today!


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