Getting ready to move? Congratulations! Moving marks the start of a fresh adventure and a brand new space to call your own, and that’s something to celebrate.

Whether you’re planning your first move or your eleventh move, the first thing you should do is decide how you’re getting your belongings from your current place to your new home.

There are three options for transporting your items: do-it-yourself moving, shipping by mail, and hiring a professional moving company (like us!). This decision will guide every other choice you make about your move, so keep reading to learn which option is best for your specific moving needs.


DIY moves usually work best for people who don’t have a ton of stuff to transport but do have energy to spare — your belongings will most likely fit in your car or perhaps a small rented trailer, and moving everything from house to vehicle will only take a few hours. For people living in 1-2 bedroom or studio apartments, DIY moving tends to be minimally stressful, physically taxing, and it’s generally the most budget-friendly way to move.



Thankfully, handling your move yourself doesn’t mean you’ll be totally on your own when it comes to packing and loading: pizza and drinks are a time-honoured tradition that you can pay your friends with in exchange for their labour on moving day.


Shipping your items by mail is a great option for those moving out of province or out of city who have a few boxes or big ticket items they need to move, but are mostly packing light and travelling by plane or train to their new destination.



If you decide to mail your items to your new place, you should plan to ship just before you move — after all, you want to arrive ahead of your items to save yourself a trip to the post office (and to avoid your items being delivered outside when nobody’s home).

We recommend shipping as few “fragile” items as possible, but if you must ship something delicate, mark your box appropriately and be sure to add plenty of packing material to your box. There should be as close to zero jostling as is possible when shipping your belongings.


We may be a little biased, but this is our favourite choice when it comes to moving! We can, however, admit that using a professional moving service for your move may not always be the best option (even if we believe that it usually is).

Families and people who have lived in one spot for several years (and have therefore likely accumulated a lot of stuff) will find that hiring a moving company is often the best way to save time, energy, and stress. Anyone who has moved before understands that just getting your household packed up is going to be exhausting for you and your family — add loading everything into a truck and off-loading & unpacking at the new house to that, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for stress and weariness!


Professional movers have the experience and equipment needed to transport your belongings safely, efficiently, and quickly to your new home. Check out our tips for choosing a moving company to make sure that you’re finding reputable movers who are insured and reliable to keep your move stress-free.

Of course, budget is the big question when it comes to whether you hire movers — every reputable moving company will provide you with a free quote for your move, so make sure you’re giving them as much as information as possible about your move for an accurate estimate. There are plenty of ways to save money when you move with Two Small Men, although we can’t promise these tips will apply to other Canadian moving companies.

If you’re still on the fence about which moving option is best for you, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to discuss your move with you! You can give us a call at 1-800-727-6255 or fill out our quick, free quote form online by clicking here. Someone from our team will be happy to reach out and talk logistics and pricing with you to help you make a decision.

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