June 26,2017 | Moving Tips

Moving Electronics & You: Ten Tips You Need to Know



Moving electronics is a big job and most people have multiple electronic items to consider while packing up. Never pack carelessly. It’s important to take precautions when packing your electronic equipment as you may create more work for yourself on reassembly or risk breakage. Some electronics require special consideration, especially if there is glass, fragile parts, or removable pieces such as batteries or printer cartridges.

1) Utilize original manuals and boxes
Most owner manuals will go over how to pack and store electronics. If you no longer have the manual, visit the company’s website as they often times keep the information online. Ideally, store electronics in their original packages since these are designed to fit your product and will have a spot for connectors or cables that go with it.

2) Take photographs and write down instructions
Before you disconnect anything, take a photograph of the electronic and how you set it up. For example, take a photograph of the back of the television or your computer. Bundle the wires together and label each one with the equipment it goes to. In addition, write down the instructions on how you’ve dismantled the equipment so you can refer to this as well when you reassemble the computer.

3) Take care with glass
Pack things like the computer monitor and TV screens and other electronics that have glass in anti-static foam. You can also wrap them in a cotton towel or sheet to help keep your equipment dry and prevent the glass from getting scratched. Never use newspaper to wrap electronics with glass as this can scratch them.

4) Pack things properly
If you pack your electronics all in the same box, make a list of what is in that box. Be sure to add extra filler to prevent the equipment pieces banging against each other. If you are keeping cords and connectors separate in their own box then be sure everything is clearly labelled.

5) Storing your electronics
If you are unable to move your electronics into your new home right away, consider renting a climate controlled storage unit. If you do store your electronics, do so at the very back of the unit for security. Indicate which way to open the box by adding a fragile sticker or some type of labeling. Also, do not stack anything on top of the electronics as this could damage them.

6) Clean Equipment
Before you pack away your electronics, clean them thoroughly to clear off any dust. Be careful of moisture or any loose particles creating problems with the items.

7) Remove any removable items
If your electronic items have batteries or removable parts, such as a printer cartridge, be sure to remove these parts. Battery acid and printer ink can leak and destroy your equipment. Also, remove anything like CDs or other media and put them in separate boxes so they are not broken.

8) Backup data
For things like computers or tablets or anything that you have information stored on, be sure to back up your files onto a disc or flash drive. Ideally also back things up in the cloud.

9) Change your passwords
Before you store your electronics, create complicated passwords in case someone steals your equipment. Commit the passwords to a paper that only you can access and once you unpack your items you won’t have a hard time gaining access to your equipment.

10) Make a list of everything
Last but not least, make a list of everything you’ve packed up and which boxes they are in. It’s easy to lose track of what you have when several boxes are involved. Your list will function as a reference guide when you are getting settled into your new home or office.

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