November 12,2019 | Moving Tips

6 Tips for Holding a Successful Moving Sale


You’ve been planning for months. Moving day is fast approaching. But not everything from your old home will have a place in your new one.

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Whether you’re downsizing, decorating your space, or trying to minimize your moving costs, moving gives you a great excuse to get rid of all your clutter. In fact, you can even earn some cash to cover those moving expenses. How?

Host a yard sale!

We know that’s a lot of work. Here are some great tips to help you organize a successful moving sale.


1. Set the Inventory and Prices

Select the items you want to sell and make an inventory with a price list. You should have a clear idea of every item’s worth if you want to get rid of them quickly, so do some research first. Ask friends and colleagues how much they would pay for your items.

On the day of the sale, tag every item with a clearly written price. You can also group different items under one price.


2. Get Permits and Approvals

Do you know if you need permission to host a sale in your yard? Always check in with the Homeowner’s Association or your local council if you need a permit to host a sale. There might be restrictions depending on the location, hours, noise level, and what kind of equipment you set up your sale. For example, people might object to some posts and tables on their lawns.


3. Find Some Help

Ask your friends and family members to help you on the day of the sale. You can lose customers if they’re left waiting for help, so make sure you have enough extra hands. Also, with more people to help, you’ll have more people protecting your stuff from theft.

But don’t forget to thank them for their volunteering efforts — order pizza for lunch, beverages, or give them a big hug!


4. Looks Matter!

Nobody will buy your stuff if it’s broken, dirty or doesn’t work. It’s better to toss out items that nobody can use. For items that you can sell, clean thoroughly and fix broken parts before putting them up for sale.

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When your items are in good condition, more people are willing to buy them. Likewise, you should clean up your yard before setting anything there. Make sure it looks clean and beautiful. Spend some time mowing your lawn, picking up junk, raking leaves and cleaning your garage.

You don’t want people to look around for the sale items in a mess. Many people won’t stop by if they aren’t impressed by your presentation.


5. Spread the Word

Advertise your garage sale as much as you can. There are plenty of ways to do that: start by putting up posters in your neighbourhood, listing your sale on Kijiji and Craigslist, or even advertising in your local paper. You can also post on community portals or ask local businesses and community groups to display the flyers.

Make sure you get permission to put up flyers and posters. It’s best to advertise in high-traffic areas — near rec centres, community noticeboards or local cafes.

Decorate your place, so people get attracted. It’s always great to put display signs on the day of the sale.


6. Prepare for the Unexpected

Always stay prepared for customer requests, accidents, or changes in weather conditions.

— Have bags ready in case customers need to carry lots of items.

— Get some tarps placed over your table in case of a storm.

— Put up a tent if you expect some rain, or even snow (you never know!).

— Make sure you have plenty of change. Keep lots of smaller bills and coin handy.

Most importantly, always remember to have fun!


Got items that won’t fit in your new home? Don’t want to sell them? We can help you find a storage solution that suits your needs, at a price that works for you. Also, if you’ve sold large items like couches online and need them delivered to their new owner, we’re happy to do the moving for you.

For more information, get in touch with our team.




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