March 02,2020 | Long Distance Moving

5 Long Distance Moving Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs


Mentally, couldn’t be more ready to make the journey. Practically, you might be barely beyond Step One in preparing for that long distance move to transport your whole life across thousands of kilometres.

We’re sure that plenty of people have shared their advice on what to do when moving across the province or the country. Has anyone told you to avoid these time-consuming and costly mistakes?

things you shouldn’t do when long-distance moving

1. Taking everything with you

In an ideal world, moving is a simple cut-and-paste of your life from one location to another. Nothing is ever that easy.

Think of all the clothes you never wear, the books you’ve never read (and probably never will read), and the knick-knack gifts you’ve kept out of sentimentality or guilt… the ones that clutter your shelves with emotional baggage.

Moving boxes of small fragile items on a hardwood floor

Moving is a gift in itself—a rare opportunity to refresh and restart. If you’re willing, that can include restarting your relationship with stuff. What are you willing to transport through towns and towns and, in turn, spend money on? What matters so much to you and your living space that you’re willing to put in extra work for it?

These aren’t easy questions to answer. This is one of those rare times you’re being encouraged to think inside the box. (We mean your moving boxes. Think about what will fit inside them.)

When you decide on what isn’t worth keeping, donate, sell, or just get rid of it. It’ll save you time in the moving process and money in the long run.


2. Leaving fragile items to the last minute

Fine china, artwork, vases, family heirlooms, anything made of glass. You might not use these items—or even see them—on a daily basis, but they matter.

Don’t let out-of-sight-out-of-mind syndrome get the best of you. Have a plan for your precious and fragile belongings, especially large ones like pianos that require extra space and special care.

Pack your smaller fragile items first to ensure you have enough padding to support them and enough supplies to pack them. Or, you can look into trustworthy moving companies in your area to see if they offer special item transport.


3. Moving during the busy season

Since nearly everyone moves in the summertime, planning your move for this busy season isn’t the wisest choice.

If your schedule permits and you’re looking for more inexpensive quotes for moving and packing services, consider moving during a slower time of year. This could mean a difference of hundreds of dollars.


4. Going the DIY route

Would you perform surgery on yourself? Fly yourself to Bali? Some things in life simply can’t be done alone. Unless you’re a pilot—then go ahead and fly yourself to Bali.

Moving is one of those monumental transitions in your life that need special attention, and they need to be done right. Because monumental things usually cost you a lot of money and time.

Young woman putting red sneakers in moving box

You’d be surprised just how much moving companies can do. If you really want control over the packing, there are even movers who can provide packing supplies, taking one step off your shoulders.

Another great option if you’ll need storage during your long-distance move is using a moving container. Moving and storage companies like BigSteelBox, rent containers that they deliver to your home in advance of your move so you can take your time packing. When you’re done, they’ll pick up your container and either move it to your new home or to one of their secure storage facilities.

But the point is, it’s better to coordinate with a moving company to see what tasks (other than just transportation) they’re more qualified to complete, rather than stressing to do it all on your own. It’s risky to try new things when you’re about to go on a move this big.

Before you choose just anybody, thoroughly read reviews from reputable moving companies that service your destination.


5. Only getting one estimate

On the subject of doing proper research, never settle for one answer. Once you’ve short-listed companies you’re interested in, start requesting quotes from all of them.

Don’t just look for the lowest price. Consider liability and insurance, the overall estimate, and whether there are any additional or hidden fees.

Will transporting fragile items will increase their estimate? Do they offer any free services? Will there be additional costs if they need to move objects up and down stairs or even across long front gardens? Be sure to ask every company about any of these additional costs.

Finally, find out what insurance plans they have. What are they liable for? Will they insure fragile item losses or damages?

You’ll want to do this searching ahead of time. Many moving services are in high demand, so it’s best to schedule several weeks before your moving day.


Need your first estimate? Start with us. Two Small Men With Big Hearts does our moves your way. Don’t hesitate to reach out with all these questions and more. We’re excited to help!

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