January 01,2021 | Moving Tips

Moving This Winter? Here’s What You Need to Know


Have you decided to move this winter? Some may call it a bold decision – unpredictable weather, uncleared roads, and slippery driveways are just a few of the concerns that we can name when it comes to winter moving. At Two Small Men, however, we call moving in the winter a smart choice! 

Winter is considered “off-season” for moving companies, which means you’ll most likely have flexibility to finish booking your move a touch later than you normally would and a wider range of moving slots to choose from. Of course, we always recommend booking in advance to ensure that your date is available, particularly if you need to move at the month’s end. 

If you’re moving this winter, here’s how you can prepare for a stress-free move.


Keep an eye on the weather 

This seems obvious, but you should watch the weather report for updates as you approach moving day. Your movers will do everything they can to move you as scheduled, and they have trucks that are equipped to travel in poor conditions as well as experienced drivers who can make the trip. But if you start to feel comfortable, or live in a location with poor access, you may want to consider adjusting your move date if needed. Your moving company will be happy to accommodate a delay for everyone’s safety, as well as the safety of your belongings! 


Cover your floors

Professional moving companies will usually offer floor runners to cover your halls and stairs, but for your own peace of mind it’s a good idea to lay down extra plastic or tarp if you can. An additional layer of protection against what may amount to be a lot of slushy water is never a bad idea.


Clear your sidewalk, stairs, and driveway 

Clearing these areas at both the pick-up and drop-off locations is a matter of safety and courtesy for you and your movers. Movers will not have a clear line of vision as they carry large items in and out of the house, so doing what you can to ensure there are no slippery spots in their path is a kindness that they will greatly appreciate. Your furniture will appreciate it too! 


Check the utilities at your new house

It’s a pain when you move in the summer and your utilities are not working properly – in the winter, it can be downright dangerous and miserable! If applicable, schedule your utilities to be turned on, confirm the date with your utility provider, and then make sure you check that utilities are working when they’re supposed to be. Most likely everything will be working, but it’s best to be certain in this case.


Plan for some hot drinks at the new house!

You don’t haaave to do this one, but there are few things nicer than coming inside and having a delicious hot beverage on a cold day! Coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or even a savoury soup will warm you up and give you that cozy feeling in your new home!


Is your winter move coming up? Reach out to Two Small Men for your quick, free quote today! 

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