Why Builders Should Partner with a Moving Company


Homebuilders and Moving Company Partnership

Hey homebuilders! It’s your friendly neighbourhood moving company here, and we want to talk to you about why you should consider partnering with movers. Here’s the thing: moving companies and builders have pretty similar goals. We both want to people to move into a house. The house part is all you, but the move part is where we come in. 

What are the Benefits of Partnering with Movers

When builders form a partnership with a moving company, everyone wins. You the builder, us the movers, and of course, the clients. But, of course, you’re most interested in what the benefits to your company are. Have a look at 8 of them below.

  1. Added Value for Clients

One of the biggest benefits to any company of partnering with movers is being able to bring added value and service to your clients. You’ll be able to offer them the option to amortize the cost of the move into the mortgage to save money. That way the cost of move is nothing up front and practically not noticed in monthly payments. 

  1. Preferred Account Rates and Terms

When you become an official moving partner of Two Small Men, you get to enjoy our preferred account rates. That means that you and your clients get the high quality services we offer, for less. Partnering with a moving company allows you, the builder, to access our services with preferred terms as well as preferred rates.

  1. Assigned Crews

When you partner with Two Small Men, you can be assured that you’ll have a trusted team of dedicated personnel that you can refer to your clients by name.

  1. Equipment & Crew Priority

When you or your clients hire any moving company, you can only get the bookings left available in the calendar. This can be a problem during particularly busy times like summer. But when you have us as a dedicated partner you never have worry about last minute or summer month bookings, because we’ll give you equipment and crew priority.

  1. Real-Time Automated Feedback

We always allow your clients to let us know how we perform after every move. So you can rest assured knowing we are accountable and strive for high-quality service. And, because we are always improving based on feedback, you know your clients will always be getting movers who have their wants and needs in mind.

  1. Comprehensive Insurance

We offer coverage from Canada’s premiere moving broker, with an option for increased valuation to provide additional peace of mind and security for your clients. 

  1. Free Floor Runners

Your homes are new, they’re clean, and they’re not damaged. We all want them to stay that way. We offer all of our builder partners free floor runners to ensure that, no matter what the weather is like, or if the ground outside is still dirt, the new home will stay clean. We can also offer your clients all the other packing supplies and services they need.

  1. After-Service Program

Just like with all of our clients, should there be a perceived discrepancy in quality of service, TSM’s claims program will alleviate the situation with an amicable solution. This keeps homeowners happy – which we’re sure you’ll appreciate.


Are you a builder interested in learning more about partnering with us? We’d be happy to hear from you! Head to our moving partners page for more information, and to let us know you want to team up!

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