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Top 5 Things Your Moving Company Wishes you Knew


Moving is stressful, that’s why most people choose to hire a professional moving company to do it for them. If you want to make your moving day even easier for everyone involved (of course you do), you’ll want to allow your movers to do their best work. To do that, you have to understand what they need or want from you. We’ve compiled a list of things moving companies wish all of their clients would understand below: 

Top 5 Things Your Moving Company Wishes you Knew

Things Your Moving Company Wishes You Knew:

  1. Move Mid-Month if Possible

We understand that with apartment leases expiring at the end of the month, it can be the most convenient time for a lot of people to move. But, one thing moving companies wish more people knew is moving in the middle of the month can often be a better experience for everyone. 

From the last weekend of one month to the first weekend of the next, we’re all swamped. With mid-month moves, you’ll find cheaper rates, less fatigued movers, and better chances of getting the best moving equipment and staff assigned to your move. That’s why our best moving tip is to move mid-month. 

  1. Take the Unstackable Items With You

If you’re going to move any items on your own (you don’t have to, but many people choose to do so) it’s best to take the things that are most difficult for your moving company to pack into the truck.

Remember, we can move large, square, heavy items much more efficiently because we have the equipment and experience required to do so. But, when something can’t be stacked under or on top of other items, it means we have to pack around it, which uses up a lot of space.


  1. We Need Your Direction, Not Your Muscles




The best way you can be involved in your move is by giving directions to the movers, not by getting involved in the heavy lifting. You might think you’re being helpful when you offer to grab one corner of the couch, but our movers are trained to move things without the extra help and your good intentions actually be impeding your move. 

Instead, stand at the entry points to your new home and direct things to where they need to go. 

  1. Properly Label Your Boxes

If you’re packing your house up yourself (we offer packing services if you don’t feel like it) make sure to properly label boxes. It’s important to think about what your movers will see when they read the labels, not just what organization tactic works best for you. 

One thing moving companies often run into is boxes labeled “Sara’s Room” or something of the like. While it’s great that you have everything organized, your movers don’t know who Sara is, nor do they know which room in your new home is hers. Make sure to either label boxes more specifically (upstairs far right bedroom) or be able to direct your movers to the right place. 

  1. Tell Us What’s Valuable




At Two Small Men, we’re always dedicated to treating all of our client’s belongings as if they were our own. Still, we need to know which of your items are valuable.



Your movers won’t be able to guess that the dresser in the corner is a 200 year-old family heirloom that the varnish will peel off of if it’s touched without gloves, so you’ll have to tell us before the move starts if you don’t want it to be touched.

Ok, maybe that example is a little extreme, but similar circumstances do occur so it’s always a good idea to let us know which items we need to be extra careful, or take special measures with.

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