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Here’s how to make moving to your new apartment easy


Moving to an apartment, whether it’s your first or fifth experience, comes with its own unique set of tasks. There are neighbours to mind, stairs to contend with, elevators to book, narrow hallways, and usually less storage space than we’d like. If you’re making the move to a new apartment, or your first apartment, it can feel overwhelming. By the time you’ve found a new place and signed a lease, you may already be stressed out, and usually you won’t have more than a month to get your things organized, packed, and moved.

If you’re in the position to move to a new place next month, don’t worry. We’ve gathered our best tips from over forty year of professional moving and compiled them here to help your apartment move go as smoothly as possible!

Deep clean your new place

You should give your new place a thorough deep-cleaning prior to moving day. If you don’t take possession of the new apartment until move day, we recommend trying to put as much of your furniture and boxes in one room, or corner of a room, as possible. Cleaning every surface yourself with the cleansing scents you’re accustomed to is the best way to make your new space feel like it’s truly yours — plus, it’s a good habit for renters to get into as apartments can see multiple families over the years, and landlords or property managers won’t always have the time to arrange the deep clean your living space deserves.

Research and choose your moving company ASAP

Word of mouth, online reviews, business values, and quote comparisons are your keys to choosing your movers. Trust us: it’s worth doing research and gathering this information before you make your decision. Here’s an excerpt from our guide on how to choose a mover to help narrow down your options:

  • Only use a moving company that’s licensed
  • Choose a moving company that accepts most, if not all, payment options. Be wary of companies that only accept cash as they may not be legitimate.
  • Never pay for a moving estimate. Reputable companies will always offer a free moving estimate.
  • Watch out for “too good to be true” estimates. A low quote doesn’t always mean a low final bill. Some moving companies will trick customers with low estimates that don’t include all the charges. 
  • Check out online reviews for the company and how they respond. The Better Business Bureau is a great resource, and all legitimate moving companies should be rated on the BBB site. 
  • Select an experienced moving company. The longest-running businesses are typically the most reliable. Take a look at the years of experience a moving company has before you hire them.
  • Make sure the moving company has a local number listed. Reputable moving companies will have local phone numbers listed. It’s ok if they have an “800” number for general inquiries, but always make sure there are local phone numbers listed as well.
  • Don’t sign a partial or skinny contract. Always make sure any contract is complete and comprehensive before signing. Don’t sign anything with blanks or with parts missing.
    Choose a moving company that’s involved in the community

Update your address with service providers, friends, and family

You can and should have your mail forwarded by your post office to your new address. You’ll also need to start updating your information with other people and service providers in your life: schools, doctors, your veterinarian, and your dentist, for example. Create a list of those who need a heads up about your new address and work through it. Most services that provide you with an online account will have the option for you to make updates yourself. For services where you aren’t able to update your contact information yourself, we have always found email to be quick and efficient.

Moving to an apartment building with an elevator? Book it!

If your new apartment building has an elevator, you’ll need to get in touch with your landlord or property manager to schedule time for your movers to use the elevator. It’s important to do this out of courtesy for your new neighbours and to ensure your move is as efficient and easy as possible.

To reserve the elevator for your move, you will likely need to fill out an application form to provide details like the date and time period when you’ll use the elevator. It’s good to keep in mind that the application may take some time to process, so you should submit that form well in advance.

Use a moving checklist

One thing that remains certain about moving is this: organization is the key to a successful move. Checklists are your friends, and luckily for you, the Two Small Men team has created a number of completely free moving checklists that you can use to plan every step of every type of move. Head here to find our apartment moving checklist, or here for our Ultimate Moving Checklist.


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