February 27,2018 | Moving Tips

Moving with Kids? Top 5 Ways to Make it Easier


Not every move is 100% happy. Whether it’s due to leaving behind friends/family, having a quit a beloved job, or leaving a house full of memories, most moves have some element of sadness attached to them. Even for adults, these aspects of moving to a new city are often scary and stressful. For children, the process can be even more taxing.


In fact, moving with kids can be so difficult on them there are entire books written on the process. We obviously aren’t going to be able to cover all that psychology in one blog post (nor are we qualified to do so), but as experienced movers, we can offer our best tips for getting kids involved in the moving process.  

Top 5 Ways to Get Kids Involved in Your Move

Getting your kids involved in the move can help them feel like they have a say, something that’s very important to getting them on board with the move. There are a lot ways to get children of all ages involved in the move here are a few you could try:

  1. Give them Design Privileges

Letting older kids design/layout/decorate their own room in the new house can be a great way to make the new place feel more like home for them. For younger kids, say ages 6 to 12, letting them pick a paint colour from among some select swatches and/or some new bedding can be enough.

  1. Get them Packing

Kids of all ages can put things into boxes (though most toddlers tend to focus more on taking things out). Giving the kids the task of packing up a certain room or closet or group of items helps the reality of the move sink in. This way they’re a part of putting things away, they don’t just get home from school one day and everything is packed up.

  1. Let them Contribute to the New Home Wishlist

Sure, if you followed your kids’ wishlists exactly your new home might end up with a ball pit for a living room and hammocks for beds, but most children do have some sensible requests for house hunting too. Maybe an older child wants a home where their room is in the basement, or maybe one wants to be able to walk to school. If your kids see you taking their wants seriously, they’ll feel less out of control about the whole moving thing. 

  1. Put them in Charge of a “Moving Day Survival Kit”

A moving day survival kit is essential to any successful move with kids. This kit will include everything you might need to take with you in the car or during your first night in the new house. Even if you pack the kit, putting your kids in charge of keeping it safe gives them a special task for moving day that can keep them involved and occupied. Here are some things we recommend packing in your kit:

  • Snacks
  • A Favourite Toy/Game
  • A Night Light
  • Basic Toiletries
  • A change of clothes/pajamas
  • Pet food/bowls
  1. Have them Comfort Pets

Even family pets can get nervous on moving day. Let your kids be in charge of comforting pets by allowing them to pet them, walk them (if they’re old enough) and/or sit and talk to them through pet carriers. Not only will this keep your kids busy, telling their pets that “everything is going to be ok” might help them work through their own nervousness about the move.


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