How should I label boxes?


By ajakab

Here are our tried and true tips for labeling your boxes:

  • First, decide what will go into the box. Knowing what will go in each box – and having similar items grouped together – will make labeling easier.
  • To avoid the post-move runaround, make sure every item in a box is going to the same room.
  • Label the top and sides of the box and include a quick list of what items are in the box.
  • Prominently label each box with the room it belongs in, so your movers know where to put it in your new home. This simple step will make unpacking much less of a headache for you at the end of a busy moving day.
  • Number each box and keep a list for yourself with the number of boxes and the room each box should be in (you can even list their contents).


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