June 30,2022 | Moving Tips

How Do You Know If You Can Trust A Moving Company?


Moving companies in Canada are busier than ever. With the demand for moving services growing nonstop, families looking to book their move may find themselves overwhelmed by the volume of options available to them. If this describes you, you may also be asking the question, “How do I know which moving company I can trust with my belongings?”

We’re here to help with our best tips when it comes to separating reputable moving companies from those which may not be trustworthy. Keep reading to learn what legitimate professional moving companies in Canada will — and won’t — do!


Choose a moving company that accepts most, if not all, payment options

Be wary of companies that only accept cash — this type of service often goes hand-in-hand with our third tip, “Watch out for estimates that are too good to be true.” Often this indicates that the service is not being provided by a legal, licensed company. That also means your belongings:

  • may not be insured
  • may not arrive in good condition
  • in the worst-case scenario, may not arrive at all

Never pay for a moving estimate

Reputable companies will always offer a free moving estimate. If a company requests a “deposit” or any form of payment just to provide you with an estimate for your upcoming move, walk away.


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Watch out for “too good to be true” estimates

A low quote doesn’t always mean a low final bill. Some moving companies will trick customers with low estimates that don’t include all the charges. Always find out what the rate estimate actually includes and go with a company that offers a comprehensive quote.


Check out online reviews

When it comes to online reviews, make sure you check out third party review hosts like Google and the Better Business Bureau.

Google Reviews are likely the most popular reviews you’ll find online, and the good news is they’re also trustworthy: companies can’t pay to have reviews removed or filtered. Check out a moving company’s reviews to see how past customers feel about their service.

The Better Business Bureau is also a great resource. You can see the company’s BBB rating, and in many cases you’ll also see how the company responds to both positive and negative reviews.


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Select an experienced moving company

The longest-running businesses are typically the most reliable. Take a look at the years of experience a moving company has before you hire them, if they’ve been around a long time, you know they know what they’re doing.

Not to brag, but did you know Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving is celebrating our 40th year in the moving business this year?! 😉

Make sure the moving company has a local number listed

Reputable moving companies will have local phone numbers listed. It’s ok if they have an “800” number for general inquiries, but always make sure there are local phone numbers listed as well.

Choose a moving company that’s involved in the community

When you select a moving company that’s dedicated to giving back, you can feel good about the fact that some of the money you spend on your move is going back into your community. You’ll also likely find testimonials from community organizations the company works with, and that’s a level of trustworthiness you want from a company that will be handling your personal belongings.


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