October 31,2022 | Moving Stress

Your Zodiac Sign’s Moving Struggle — And How To Manage It!


Happy Halloween, readers! Spooky vibes are in the air today, but what may really be frightening you is the prospect of your upcoming move. With so much to plan and organize, it’s easy to get stressed out when it comes to moving.

One thing we love about Halloween is dressing up as something we’re not — so in the “spirit” of the day, we decided to don an Astrologer’s costume! Keep reading for our professional moving tips and tricks, today based on our very unprofessional analysis of your Zodiac sign’s moving struggle!


ARIES — Keeping the Peace

Aries, your moving day struggle will be keeping your cool. Moving is stressful, and your quick temper may not be compatible with the long and laborious day. Remember: sometimes it’s okay to filter your thoughts. You’ll manage the day best by taking a breather and counting to 5, 10, 50… 100… Do what you need to do!

The good news? Your honesty and ability to be direct means you’ll be able to problem solve on the spot. And since your temper is fleeting, there will be no hard feelings at the end of the day. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your new home as soon as the last box makes it through your front door!


TAURUS — Downsizing

Oh, Taurus — you already knew this was coming, didn’t you? Taureans love their material comforts, and who can blame them? Parting ways with items that once brought you comfort—even if they’ve been sitting in the back corner of your attic for years—is a struggle that will be felt keenly by people with Taurus placements. It’s not that you can’t say goodbye to items that don’t spark joy, it’s that pretty much all your belongings do spark joy!

Here’s how to manage it: first, focus on the items you’re going to donate. Knowing that your belongings will be going to a new home to be loved may help make it just a bit easier to part ways with them. And when it comes to items that are ready to be thrown out, consider making yourself a little comfort wish list of new-house items to buy! Your mileage may vary, and we’re not responsible for any Taurus folks who go through with pricey purchases post-move!


GEMINI — Overthinking

When it comes to moving, it’s definitely more productive to overthink than to underthink. But Gemini, you are at risk of overthinking just about every aspect of your move. Don’t sweat the small stuff — if you have a few too many books in one box, sure, it’s a bit tougher to carry and there is technically a risk of the bottom giving out, but that doesn’t mean you need to nail down the perfect box-weight formula and stress yourself (and your family) out by packing and repacking boxes for the ultimate intersection of safety and efficiency. Your efforts are appreciated, and your attention to detail is so important, but don’t worry more than you need to!


CANCER — Getting Emotional

Cancer signs have a reputation for being one of the most emotional signs. Although being tapped into your emotions is not a weakness, Cancer signs may struggle with the overwhelming emotion that comes with moving out of a place that has served as home for anywhere from one year to twenty or more. It can be difficult to let go and say goodbye to your home, and you may even find yourself personifying it. We recommend that you use these emotions to your advantage — take some time when everything is out of the house to say thank you for keeping you and your family safe and for the good memories you built there. It may feel silly, but we promise, it’s not! Honour your emotions and the home that has shown you support by giving it a proper send-off, and you may find your emotions are easier to manage. Plus, you can say a big hello to your new home on the other side of the move!


LEO — Losing the Limelight on Moving Day

We expect this to be tougher on Leo kids than Leo adults, but Leos in general are used to being the life of the party. Moving day means that everyone’s focus will be scattered, and that may get frustrating. We get it — you love to dazzle people with your hilarious stories and undeniable charm! We think Leo adults will be able to manage this feeling no problem, but for your Leo kiddos out there, we recommend assigning them a specific task that you can praise them for later. Something like taking care of pet duty or being responsible for the move-in playlist should do the trick!


VIRGO — Remembering to Breathe

Virgos are probably the best sign for managing every aspect of a move. You’re well known for your ability to organize and plan, but you may struggle with remembering to take a breather. After all, how can you entrust someone else with any task at all when you’ll do it right the first time, and probably better?

Our advice, which you’ll probably love, is to create a separate list. This list will focus on tasks that you can delegate to other people in your household. Have a family meeting well in advance of moving day to set expectations and assign those tasks, and get the reassurance that everyone is on the same page as you. And of course, remember to take a breath! We promise, it’s okay if moving day is not totally perfect (hint: moving days rarely are!).


LIBRA — Choosing a Moving Company

Libras really struggle with indecision. So when it comes to making a decision based on a ton of information about moving companies — moving quotes, online reviews, recommendations from friends and family, and more — Libras are likely to have a tough time. Our recommendation is to make a list, and maybe reach out to your favourite Virgo for assistance in so doing: a list or spreadsheet will make it easier to compare companies by every relevant category. Make sure to start gathering quotes and doing research well in advance of your move so that you have plenty of time to decide which moving company is the best fit for you!


SCORPIO — Clashing with your new neighbours

One thing that’s true about Scorpios is they love a good decades-long rivalry between bloodlines. What better way to achieve that kind of grudge-match than by bickering with your new neighbours? Scorpio, you’ll already be in the conquering state of mind as you head into moving day, determined to overcome any and all obstacles through sheer brute force. You may be getting ahead of yourself, though, so remind yourself throughout the day that most people are coming at you from a place of goodwill. If your new neighbour lets you know that you’re parked where they normally put their bins, they probably don’t intend for you to break out your tape measure and start analyzing property lines. Let your good graces run the show on moving day and only pick the battles that really matter… like whether it’s pizza or Chinese food for dinner.


SAGITTARIUS — Reading too many moving blogs

Sagittarius, are you feeling called out? Listen, we love moving blogs. Probably more than the average person. But Sagittarians have an innate desire to know absolutely everything, and moving will be no exception. There’s such a thing as information overload, okay? We recommend finding a moving company you really trust and letting them take care of your moving needs. It’s good to read the blogs, infographics, and FAQs, but don’t let them take over your life for the weeks leading up to your move!


CAPRICORN — Murphy’s Law

Have you ever met a Capricorn who didn’t love to be in control? We haven’t. If there’s one law you can count on when it comes to moving day, it’s that if something can go wrong… it will. If you’re working with professional movers, you won’t need to worry about most of the issues that a DIY move might present, but there are still things that can unexpectedly go awry. We know our Capricorn friends will struggle with that, especially after all the planning you definitely did prior to the move. We are strong supporters of the old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” so to get a bit creative with that, let’s say that prevention in this case is expecting the unexpected. Capricorn, get ahead of your stress by accepting that something will  probably go wrong. Best case scenario? You may be pleasantly surprised by a near-perfect moving experience!


AQUARIUS — Unpacking

Aquarius, you don’t mind moving. You don’t mind packing up. What you will struggle with is unpacking and laying out your new space. If you’re not considering every possible layout for every room, you’ll be distracted by the imaginary world you can create out of empty boxes. We love a box fort, but there’s a time and a place for letting your wonderful imagination run amuck. Your living room layout doesn’t have to be unique compared to every other living room you’ve been in — focus on unboxing everything, getting rid of the empty boxes, and enjoy playing around with layouts later.


PISCES — Packing

The author of this blog happens to be a Pisces, so it’s with some degree of authority that we’re declaring packing as the Piscean moving vice. Pisces catch a lot of heat for being dreamers, and packing is often a difficult process because of it. Your love for nostalgia and inability to resist a trip down memory lane means that you’ll find yourself daydreaming in the middle of your packing sessions. This is a charming quirk of yours, but the charm will fade after your 5th, 6th, or 70th pause in the packing process to wax poetic about the good ol’ days. To keep yourself focused on the task at hand, put on your favourite show or movie. This will give you something to focus on besides the items that you’re packing up, so you can lose yourself in a daydream about your favourite character instead of your favourite pair of socks.


Of course, when it comes right down to it, every individual will have their own moving day struggles regardless of their Zodiac sign. Our hope for our readers is that you take the advice that makes the most sense for you and your move from here, and if it doesn’t apply, let it fly!

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