June 22,2017 | Moving Tips

How To Give Proper Notice To Your Landlord



Moving houses can be a planned event or a sudden occurrence due to job or family circumstances. As a tenant, your rights depend on whether you’re bound by a lease and if you gave proper notice to your landlord. It’s important to leave the property in good condition, or the landlord can take legal action against you. Here are some notes for renters and landlords:

Giving Proper Notice to the Landlord

Regardless of having a lease or not, you must give your landlord proper written notice before moving out. The notice period varies depending on how often rent is paid. For most people paying monthly, a 60-day notice is required before moving out.

If you pay weekly or daily, you must give at least a 28-day notice and move out the day before rent is due. If you move out in the middle of the month, you may be responsible for another month’s rent.

Written Consent to Terminate the Lease

Under normal circumstances, you cannot move out while the lease is still in effect. However, if you provide a 60-day notice on the last day of the lease, you can terminate the lease. After termination, you can stay on a month-to-month basis without signing a new lease. You may also want to leave before the lease expires, but you must get written consent from your landlord to terminate the lease and move out. You could be responsible for paying rent for the remainder of the lease. However, you could sublet the property or sign the lease over to someone else with the landlord’s agreement.

You must leave the property in the same condition in which you found it (aside from normal wear and tear), or the landlord may ask for compensation for any damage. You may also have to cover any loss of income during repairs, and the landlord could sue you if you cannot pay.

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