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These 7 Tips Will Help You Avoid Moving Scams!


These 7 Tips Will Help You Avoid Moving Scams!

Moving homes is by no means an easy feat. A lifetime of belongings must be carefully moved from one property to another, without damage and quickly enough to allow new tenants to move into your home. A professional moving company, like Two Small Men of Canada, can provide reliable, timely and meticulous services to ensure your move goes off without a hitch.

Moving Your Belongings is Serious Business

That doesn’t mean every moving company is the same, however. These 7 tips will help you avoid common moving scams, and keep your belongings safe and sound.

What is a Moving Scam?

Given that your personal belongings are extremely valuable, not only monetarily but also sentimentally, scammers will do their best to either out right steal your property, or use it as leverage against you. The most common moving scam is a company quoting you one price up front, and once they have your belongings secure in their truck, they demand more money to release your valuables back to you. This is a frightening and stressful situation for any homeowner to be put in, let alone in the midst of an already chaotic move. Another way that moving scams can be carried out is through a fake removals company; criminals will place your personal belongings in a moving van and whisk them away to their own property, never be to seen by you again.

How to Spot a Moving Scam

Avoiding these scams is all about trusting a reputable company. To spot a moving scam before you’re tricked, look out for these 7 tell-tale signs:

  1. Blank or Blatantly Fraudulent Documents: A criminal outfit will rely on you being flustered and busy during moving day, and so when it comes to signing paperwork, they will often hand you blatantly fraudulent documents. They may even be blank. Be sure to take some time to thoroughly check all documentation.
  2. Extortionate Deposits: A good moving company won’t demand a large deposit in advance. They expect to be paid upon the completion of their work. If a mover expects you to pay up large sums of money before even beginning the job, it’s time to find someone else.
  3. Fake Online Reviews: A fraudulent removals company will sometimes rely on fake reviews to entice new customers. Be sure to check multiple review websites, and even user forums, to hear about real personal experiences. Forums will often expose fake reviews and expose the real nature of the company.
  4. Incredibly Low Estimates: We all love a bargain, but when an estimate seems too good to be true, it probably is. Ask the moving company why their prices are so low, and once again, be sure to refer to online forums to find out more.
  5. No In-House Surveys: These fake companies also refuse to offer in-house surveys of your goods at request. They will instead offer an online estimate. A reputable company should be happy to be able to properly give you an estimate for the scope of work.
  6. No Written Estimate: Furthermore, when providing an estimate, these companies often refuse to provide you with either a binding or non-binding written estimate. If you don’t receive this, choose another company.
  7. Check for Rental Trucks: Finally, check for rental trucks! Fake companies don’t use their own fleets of vehicles. When you see this red flag, do not let the movers into your home!

Two Small Men provides customers all over Canada with a comprehensive, friendly, reliable, and affordable removal service.

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