June 26,2017 | Moving Tips

How to Source and Compare Moving Quotes That Fit Your Budget


Moving houses is stressful enough as it is, you don’t need an expensive bill to worry about on top of everything else! When moving house, it’s important to use a reputable and trusted moving company, and to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

The following advice will help you find a company that’s reputable and reliable and assist you in getting the very best price possible.

Contact the Right Companies

First of all, you must understand how to recognize a reliable and trustworthy mover. Recommendations from family and friends are always the best. Even your realtor may offer some advice. If you use online reviews, remember that it’s possible they are fraudulent. You can get more accurate representations of how companies operate by thoroughly reading online forums or only visiting sites that verify their reviews.

A reliable company, like Two Small Men of Canada, will have positive reviews on forums and a wide range of websites, like Homestars. It’s essential that you consider these reviews, as some moving companies advertised online may well be elaborate scams designed to rob you of your belongings.

Vetting Moving Companies is Important

Once you have found a moving company you’re interested in hiring, you should vet them to ensure they’re reliable. You can try the Better Business Bureau website for a rating, which gives you an even more reliable insight than the online reviews.

Once you’ve chosen a number of companies you’re interested in hiring to help you move, it’s time to compare their quotes. As well as asking who can provide the service for the lowest price, it’s important to consider liability and insurance, the overall estimate, and whether there are any additional or hidden fees.
Comparing Moving Companies

First of all, remember that some companies might not tell you that there will be extra fees to pay if they need to move objects up and down stairs. They may even avoid telling you that moving items across a long front garden or driveway can incur extra costs.

So, when comparing the companies you have found, be sure to ask them about any of these additional costs. Ask them if transporting fragile items will increase their estimate, and if they have any services that they offer for free. This is a great start.

The next thing to remember is insurance. Ask each mover what they will be liable for. This is especially important if they are transporting fragile items that you don’t want to risk getting damaged. Find out what insurance plans they have in place if there is anything extra you can pay, and make your decision based on who can offer you the best deal to keep your belongings safe.

Finally, if you find a company that checks all of these boxes, look at the written estimates and decide which trustworthy option is most affordable for you.

If you’re looking for a reliable, insured and professional moving company in Canada, contact Two Small Men today.

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