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Are you thinking about using a moving company to load belongings from your home to a rented moving container? If professional movers fit in your budget, we recommend that you do. There’s limited space in a storage pod, and unlike moving from home to home, you can’t rely on multiple trips if a few items need to be left behind. Everything has to fit into a confined space, and ideally without too much rearranging (because let’s be honest, rearranging furniture and boxes is exhausting and time consuming).

Why You Should Hire Movers

If you rent a shipping container for your move from a company like BigSteelBox, you already know that the benefits include secure, weatherproof storage in between homes (you can keep the container on your property or it can be moved to one of the company’s secure locations) and the flexibility to move at your own pace.

What you may not be familiar with are the benefits that come with using a moving company to load and unload the container for you. While we can’t guarantee that all moving companies provide these services, here’s what you can expect when you load a moving container with help from Two Small Men:

  • Your belongings will be handled with professional care
  • Our team uses commercial grade packing supplies, including blankets and shrink wrap, to ensure a secure load – you can be confident that there won’t be scratches and other damages caused by shifting/loose items
  • You’ll save a lot of time – movers are trained, experienced professionals who work quickly and safely so you don’t have to spend extra hours doing a tough job
  • The space in your container will be optimized – every square foot counts, and movers will make the most of the space they have to fit everything snugly and safely
  • Two Small Men offers a discount for moves completed in the middle of the month, so if you have flexibility in your schedule, you can save money when we load your container!

Still Not Sure? No Problem!

There are a few things we recommend doing any time you are looking to hire a moving company: first, research. Check out online reviews from reputable review sites to see how other customers have felt about the services and value provided.

We also have recommendations when it comes to understanding your quote. Two Small Men offers quick, free quotes to make booking easy. Though a quote that’s aligned with your budget is important, price isn’t the only factor you should pay attention to through this process – is the company representative friendly and professional? Do they get back to you quickly and with knowledgeable replies? Are the additional services offered going to add value and reduce stress on moving day?

Finally, look at each company’s website. You can learn more about their services while finding out more about the company itself – what their team’s goals and values are. More and more, consumers are interested in working with companies who share their values when it comes to community engagement and care.

Call or email us today for your quote! You can fill out our online quote form, or you can give your local Two Small Men office a call to go over the details. If you haven’t decided on a moving container provider yet, we highly recommend checking out BigSteelBox!

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