October 03,2017 | Moving Tips

Long Term Storage When You Can’t Let go of Your Possessions


What to do When You Can’t Let go of Your Possessions

For some people moving is tricky. It brings up old, repressed emotions when sentimental belongings are handled, evaluated, and inspected. You may wish to keep a generations old family heirloom, but do not have the space available in your new digs. The same goes for bigger items like furniture or even cars. You may have a future use for these belongings, but not right now. 

So what do you do when you don’t want to part with multiple boxes of useful or sentimental stuff?

Storage Solves Your Problem

If you don’t want to sell some things to free up more space, there is always the option of storing them while living in a smaller house, condo, or apartment. Two Small Men with Big Hearts can service your storage needs until they are no longer required.

If our customers need storage options, we refer them to an affiliate of ours, a storage company called Access Storage, where you will receive a discounted price. Now, you’ll have both moving and storage service. They have storage units in the majority of major centers across Canada in 130 different locations. If you move from Toronto to Edmonton, both locations have Access Storage units for you to leave your things if need be. Calgary also has them, as well as Saskatoon.

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Long-term Storage Unit Details   

Everyone’s storage needs vary, so there are a several storage unit sizes to choose from. We have small, medium, and large units and climate controlled ones to keep items like metal in good condition. Parking rentals are also available for those looking for a place to store vehicles and RVs.

You can rest assured that your items are safe and secure. Security is a top priority in Access Storage units. Most of the storage locations include 24-hour security with gated access, security cameras, and individual security codes for you to access your belongings. Your high-value items like vehicles or recreational machines will be safe.

You can come any time to these storage units to access your items. There’s no such thing as after-hours with Access Storage. Most stores are open 24 hours a day for your convenience. Drop off or pick up your belongings whenever you feel like it.

Payment for these storage facilities is simple, not complex. If you store with Access Storage, you pre-pay on a four-week cycle. You can do so online or in person during regular office hours.

Sometimes you don’t want to let go of items, and that’s ok. No one is certainly forcing you to. If you have spacing issues, though, Two Small Men with Big Hearts can refer you to our affiliate, Access Storage. With these storage units, you can keep your sentimental and large items without cramping your new home.

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