September 30,2022 | Community Involvement

Two Small Men Giving Back: Firefighters Without Borders Canada & Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service

Something you may not know about Two Small Men is that we donate 10% of our profits back to local organizations and initiatives to power our passion for community giving.
What does that look like for a moving company? Our donations are most often our team doing what we do best, free of charge, to help those in need. We’re partnered with organizations across the country who provide crucial services within our communities.


Two Small Men mover, wearing a red Two Small Men branded shirt, offloading firefighting gear from truck to be donated through Firefighters Without Borders Canada


Who do we help?

Sometimes our community partners reach out to us on behalf of those they support, and we donate our services to individuals or families who are transitioning into different/new housing for a variety of reasons.


Sometimes we help community organizations directly with donated item deliveries, moves into new office spaces, or whatever else we can do to help. We can all agree that moving is tough and expensive work, and often, not-for-profits do not have the budget to hire help when they’re moving to a new space. We like to take that load off their shoulders so their staff can keep their focus on the pivotal support they’re providing to some of the most vulnerable members of our communities.


Why are we sharing this now?

In general, we want to inspire other businesses in industries like ours by showing them that they can give back in creative ways by utilizing resources they already have.


We also love being able to share how much our team cares about giving. Our staff are enthusiastic about our commitment to community involvement: it’s a huge component of what motivates them to give their best day in and day out, and we love to show the world their smiling faces when they take part in community-based work.


Firefighters Without Borders Canada and the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service

Today, we want to put the spotlight on Firefighters Without Borders Canada and the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service, who we’ve been lucky enough to work with two years in a row now. WFPS recently made a donation of newly decommissioned firefighting gear to Firefighters Without Borders Canada, which is based in Vancouver. Canada has its own strict time-based limitations on how long firefighting gear can be used, while other countries who receive the gear have different sets of policies in place. All donated gear is assessed to be in great condition and suitable for use, and as a result of the collective efforts of FWBC and firefighting services like WFPS, lifesaving gear is going to countries where it is needed and staying out of landfills longer. You can learn more by clicking here!


Our team recently delivered the gear from Winnipeg to Vancouver during a 53-hour trip. When the truck arrived in Vancouver, we assisted with the off-load into a sea-can filled with safety gear that will be heading overseas to the Philippines. Several of our team members worked together to help make this delivery happen, and although this leg of the trip isn’t the most exciting part of this donation, we thought it would be nice to share a peek behind the curtain while celebrating the effort made by our awesome staff. Logistics tend not to be the most glamorous part of a beautiful story like this one, but they are key in bringing beautiful intentions into fruition—and we think that’s worth talking about!


Thank you

We’d like to thank our team, Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Services, and Firefighters Without Borders Canada for this experience and we look forward to this delivery becoming an annual fixture in our calendar.


To our network, our biggest thank you of all: your support is what allows our team to grow our giving back program year over year!
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