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Metro Vancouver Spotlight: Moving to Burnaby


Moving to Vancouver — where should I live?

If you’re planning to move to Vancouver, first of all, congratulations! Vancouver is a beautiful city on Canada’s West Coast in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. There are so many cities in the Greater Vancouver region to choose from, particularly for those who aren’t looking to live directly in downtown Vancouver. If you’re looking to make a move to the beautiful Lower Mainland, follow along our Metro Vancouver Spotlight to learn more about the area.

What it’s like to live in Burnaby, BC

Burnaby is home to a long list of parklands and waterways in the Greater Vancouver region, including Central Park, Robert Burnaby Park, Kensington Park, Burnaby Lake, Deer Lake, Burnaby Mountain, Still Creek, the Brunette River, and Squint Lake.

Burnaby has an oceanic climate with dry, mild summers, and rainy, cool winters. It’s worth noting that Simon Fraser University’s weather station is located 365 metres above sea level on Burnaby Mountain and as such climate records are cooler and wetter, with more snowfall, compared to the rest of the area.

Moving to Burnaby? Here’s what there is to do in the city

Like the rest of Greater Vancouver, Burnaby is a bustling and busy spot with lots to do. As the Tourism Burnaby website states, “There’s something for everyone in Burnaby.” Burnaby has one of the highest ratios of parkland to residents in North America, with 25% of the land designated as parks and open space.

If you’re more of an indoor person, not to worry — Burnaby has regular live local performances, international exhibits, museums, and galleries that residents can enjoy throughout the year.

The best neighbourhoods to move to in Burnaby

There’s really no wrong option when it comes to moving to a neighbourhood in Burnaby; the entire area has a breathtaking natural beauty and plenty of green spaces. Burnaby is relatively close to Vancouver, but with the perfect proximity to not feel like you’re smack in the middle of a bustling and busy city. Here are a few of the neighbourhoods getting the most buzz in Burnaby these days.

Metrotown Burnaby


Metrotown Burnaby is a vibrant neighbourhood located southwest of the Downtown area and is a part of the city’s central business district. It’s one of the city’s four designated town centres and one of Metro Vancouver’s regional town centres. It sits at a higher altitude and boasts stunning panoramic views of the Vancouver metropolitan areas and even the peninsula from certain areas. Metrotown Burnaby has an ideal location with a quick commute to Downtown Burnaby.

Metrotown is also the proud host of the 90-acre Central Park Burnaby. It was named by the second mayor of Vancouver and pays homage to the world-famous Central Park in New York City. Central Park Burnaby features an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, the Swangard Stadium and more. Most surprising of all is that Central Park Burnaby isn’t even the most “famed” part of Metrotown.

If you think that Metrotown Burnaby sounds familiar but can’t put your finger on why, it’s probably because you’ve heard of Metrotown Burnaby’s biggest claim to fame: Metropolis at Metrotown is the second-largest shopping mall in Canada and has hundreds of major retailers, specialty stores, and restaurants. You can find everything you need in the Metropolis at Metrotown, even if you only need somewhere interesting to hang out for an afternoon!


Willingdon Heights

Willingdon Heights is located on the north end of Burnaby. This is a vibrant, eclectic neighbourhood with a variety of different house and building, styles both residentially and commercially. The heart of the neighbourhood is Hastings Street, which features a bustling commercial strip and many local businesses along the length of the road.

In addition to local shopping, Willingdon Heights is a short distance from Brentwood Mall. For active and outdoorsy folks, you’ll find all kinds of walking trails, tennis courts, athletic facilities including Eileen Dailly Pool and Fitness Centre, and a great option to connect with nature in Willingdon Heights Park.

Willingdon Heights is a well-established neighbourhood with a great vibe in its blend of luxury and single-family homes. You don’t have to be buying a home to move into Willingdon Heights, either — there are plenty of rental options in or near the neighbourhood!


Brentwood Park

Brentwood Park, or simply Brentwood, is a beautiful neighbourhood in northern Burnaby — located next to Willingdon Heights, in fact — that’s just a five minute drive from Downtown Burnaby. Brentwood Park is a dynamic area with proximity to green spaces and famously home to the esteemed Simon Fraser University.

Brentwood is known for luxurious high-rise condominiums, detached homes, and a strong commercial presence. Homes in Brentwood Park are within walking distance of a wonderful assortment of amenities, including grocery stores, specialty stores, bars, coffee shops, and easy access to public transportation through the Brentwood Town Centre Skytrain station.

Brentwood also features The Amazing Brentwood, a complex with over 250 shops and services that will appeal to shoppers and foodies alike. The Amazing Brentwood has retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Nike, Adidas, and more, and boasts restaurants with cuisines for every palate.

Get engaged in the Burnaby community

At Two Small Men, we’re passionate about community involvement—you can have an incredible impact at the local level when you get engaged with your community and make a real difference in the lives of those you live among. As your professional moving guides, we’d be remiss if we didn’t add that community involvement when you move to a new area, particularly somewhere as community-minded as Burnaby, is the perfect way to get to know some names and faces in the city and to start making friends while putting down roots!


Burnaby hosts a wide variety of volunteering opportunities and has a passion for community work — you should begin by checking out Burnaby’s Volunteer website to stay up to date on new opportunities to volunteer. The website features regular updates and boasts a mission to “promote volunteerism as a right and a responsibility of the citizens of Burnaby and New Westminster and facilitate community development through volunteering” — you’ll be sure to find the perfect volunteer activity for you and your family to get involved in the Burnaby community!

Downsizing and Item Donation

We always recommend downsizing before moving, even if you live locally. If you’re downsizing before your local Burnaby move, you’ll find that there are plenty of alternatives to the landfill; there are multiple thrift stores that will happily accept donations of lightly used items, and a Habitat for Humanity Restore that will accept furniture in good condition, too!


Two cartoon movers waving at the reader

Your move to Burnaby is going to be an exciting new chapter in your story. When you’re ready, so is our Burnaby team. Reach out to us by phone or by filling out our quick, free quote form by clicking here and let us help you prepare for moving day!

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