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5 Ways to Get Involved in Your Community | Two Small Men


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This year, our team is dedicated to “growing our big hearts” by giving back to the communities we live and work in. Because of this, we’ve been working a lot with deserving charities and organizations lately. What we’ve learned through doing this is that giving back feels great! And we think everyone should do it!

We’re no doctors, but we strongly believe community involvement is good for your health. It gives you a sense of purpose and connection, plus it can help you make friends and get out of the house. We want to help all of our customers to experience the great feeling of giving back that we get through our community involvement, so we’re here to help you figure out how.

How Can I Get Involved in my Community? 

The thing about giving back is that it doesn’t really matter what your ability, availability, resources or skills are; you can still participate. While certain activities might not be the right fit for you, there’s always something you can do to give back to your community.

Here are some of our best suggestions for ways to get involved: 

  1. Volunteer for a Local Organization

If you’re really feeling the call to get involved in your community, one of the best ways to do so is to start volunteering for a local organization or charity. Consider what causes are important to you and search for some local organizations that support this.

It doesn’t always have to be a “charity” either. Many people get involved by volunteering to read to/socialize with people at local retirement homes. 

  1. Donate What You Can

If you don’t have the time to get involved through volunteering or attending events, you can always give back through donations. These certainly don’t have to be monetary. In fact, it often can be better to donate items to organizations in need.

Our suggestions for donations include food to food banks, clothing to shelters or goodwill, books to libraries, pet supplies to animal shelters, and even furniture to charities that support independent living.


  1. Attend Local Events

Getting involved in your community doesn’t always mean volunteering. By just attending local events, you’re supporting your community in various ways. Whether you buy something from the event, cheer on local talent, or even share the event on social media, your support will be recognized. Of course, you can always volunteer to work at events too. 

  1. Support Youth Sports and Activities

Something that’s pretty much always going on in every community is youth sports and other activities. If you have a business, you can usually help out by sponsoring a team, uniforms, equipment, or tournament.

If you’re an individual looking to get involved in youth activities you can volunteer your time at events/tournaments or (if you have the experience) get involved as a coach. If none of this works out, just showing up at the games of local teams is an excellent way to show your support for your community. 

  1. Shop Locally

Probably the best way to get involved in your community (and one that doesn’t actually require a large time or physical commitment) is to shop locally. Buying food, clothes, art, and getting services from local businesses shows that you support your community and are committed to helping the people who live there make a living.


One of the best times to get involved in your community is right after you move to a new one. If you’re planning a move in the near future, make sure to go with the moving company that’s also dedicated to giving back (that’s us)! Get your free moving estimate today. 


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