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5 Things You Must Remember to Transfer When Moving


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When you’re packing up to move to your new home, not everything you need to take with you can be physically packed into a box. Often, these are some of the most important things you have. Despite this, in the hustle and bustle of getting everything packed and ready for the move, some of these items are easily forgotten.

5 Important Things To Transfer When Moving

As a moving company, we’ve seen our customers realize they have forgotten to transfer a critical or important item too many times. Here’s a list of 5 things you must remember to transfer when moving:

  1. Utilities

This one is most often remembered, because it’s included on most moving checklists, and because you’ll notice when you’re in your new home before the move that there’s no electricity or running water.

In any case, utilities are one of the most important things you need to “take with you” to your new home that you cannot pack. Inform your providers ahead of time so they’ll be able to book an appointment do transfer your utilities before you move.

  1. Medical Records

If you’re moving somewhere that’s any significant distance from your old home, chances are you’ll have to get a new family doctor. You never know when something could go wrong or someone in the family could become ill. That’s why it’s important to transfer your medical records to your new physician before you move. 

It’s as easy as calling your current doctor and asking them to transfer your medical records to your new one. It’s possible there will be a fee associated with this, so just be aware.

  1. Insurance for Home and Auto

While remembering to transfer your home insurance policy might be easy to remember (after all, you are moving homes) some people forget that auto insurance must also be transferred to a new address. If your home and auto insurance come from the same place, this won’t be an issue.

Still, it’s important to remember to do the insurance transfer before you move – once again, you never know when something is going to happen. 


  1. Internet/Cable/Phone

We all rely on our phones/computers to perform required everyday tasks, including moving. That’s why in recent years it has become more and more important to transfer Internet services prior to moving. If you have them, it’s also a good idea to get cable and home phone services transferred before moving so everything can be ready and working when you arrive at your new home. 

  1. In-Home Services

If you’re moving long distance, or even just to another city, this probably won’t apply. But, if you’re moving to a new home in the same city, you must remember to transfer any in-home services you receive. This includes house cleaning, lawn care, pool care, pet-sitting, or any other service for which someone comes to your house. 

These are five important things to have transferred to your new home when you move. Of course, there are many more items that require you to provide a notification of change of address. Those can include:

  • Banks
  • Postal Service
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Driver’s License
  • Insurance Providers
  • Doctors/Health Care Providers
  • Subscriptions
  • Online Shopping Retailers


Planning a move? We might not be able to pack these important items, but we can provide packing services for the rest of your things. Get your free moving estimate today.


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