August 14,2018 | Moving Tips

Leftover Bubble Wrap? Here are 5 Amazing Things to Do With It.


Amazing things to do with Bubble Wrap || Moving Services

Pretty much everyone loves bubble wrap. Kids and adults alike find joy and stress relief in popping all those little bubbles. When you’re moving, you’ll likely be left with an abundance of the stuff. Yes, probably even more than you can enjoy sitting around and popping, plus what happens to the stuff that’s already been popped?

We know many people want to have a more eco-friendly move and choose to use alternatives to bubble wrap. But, if this isn’t an option for you, there are ways to reuse the plastic rather than just throwing it out.

5 Things to Do/Make with Bubble Wrap After Moving

We’ve put together a quick list of our 5 favourite things to do with bubble wrap. Since we think bubble wrap is for all ages, there are ideas both kids and adults will love.

  1. Make a Fun Calendar

Making a bubble wrap calendar is easy. Just lay out a piece of bubble wrap on top of the numbers 1-30 so each bubble sits on top of a number. Then write the days of the week above each row. Your family will soon be fighting over who gets the satisfaction of popping the day’s bubble. 

In a similar fashion, cutting out one row of bubble wrap also makes for a fun way to check off items on a to-do list.

  1. Keep Your Fruit and Veggies Safe

Your fridge drawers are designed to keep fruits and veggies at the right temperature, but they’re not as good at keeping them protected from bruising when rolling around. Lining the drawers with leftover bubble wrap from your move will keep them safe and protected. 

Got a fridge that freezes things? Bubble wrap is also an excellent insulator, so adding it to a drawer can help protect from that as well.

  1. Protect Plants

We all want to enjoy our plants for a long time, but sometimes an early frost can put an end to that. Even though plenty of warm days come after, one night of frost can kill off plants. Not with bubble wrap.

After you move your plants to you new home, take the bubble wrap you have left and put it around planters to insulate the soil and keep it warm during cold nights. When there are frost warnings, use the wrap as a blanket cover over top of the plants as well.

  1. Create Art

Bubble wrap art is a fun activity for kids, but it can also be used to create interesting pieces for adults. Cut out bubble wrap shapes and roll it around then dip it into paint and onto paper. Kids will love mixing colours and making patterns, plus they’ll get to have fun popping the leftovers.

  1. Get a Grip on Tools

Sometimes the wooden or plastic handles of brooms, rakes, shovels, and even small tools can be uncomfortable and cause blisters or slivers. By simply wrapping bubble wrap around then, you can not only make it more comfortable, but also improve your grip.


Planning a move? We can provide all of the bubble wrap you’ll need for these ideas with our packing supplies. Make sure to get your free moving estimate from us today.

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