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The team at Two Small Men understands that your realty company needs reliable movers who are familiar with the specific, regulated requirements your business has—that’s why we’ve taken the time to develop standardized operating procedures and practices based on partnerships in the real estate industry. Across Canada, our crews are trained and ready to help with the moving needs of agents who often require moving services for their clients, and our move coordinators are on standby to assist our partners with booking on short notice.  

We’ve already partnered with many real estate agencies and the feedback we’ve received time and again from our partners has been that they’ve seen an improvement in service, an overall reduction in costs, and most importantly, peace of mind when it comes to their client’s new home purchases. Having a reliable, professional moving company to refer your clients to is a huge stress reducer, and we deeply value the partnerships we’ve been maintaining for years.  

If you think partnering with a reliable, dedicated moving company might be the right choice for your agency, reach out to us! Let us know if you’re interested in learning more about our partnership opportunities by filling out the form below. 

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