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Moving to Nanaimo, BC can be easier than you think with the help of Nanaimo movers. Our services are designed to make moving day very easy for you. You can choose to be as involved or as hands-off as you want to be. Our expert Nanaimo movers will help you with your move from the moment you deciding that you’re moving.

Our Nanaimo Movers Help with Packing & Moving

We will handle the packing for you. When you’re moving to Nanaimo, BC, packing can be the least of your concerns, yet it has to be done. Our packing service sends our Nanaimo movers into your home with a supply of boxes and packing material. The movers will then box up everything in every room, seal the box and label it.

We will handle all aspects of the move itself, too. Forget about coordinating moving to Nanaimo, BC on your own. Once you hire us, your job is done. We’ll show up on moving day with a moving truck and at least two Nanaimo movers. Moving to Nanaimo, BC will be very easy for you. Our movers will do the heavy lifting and get everything securely into the truck.

We will also handle all of the driving. Moving to Nanaimo, BC in a truck may not be your ideal of a great time, but it is ours. We will make sure that everything of yours arrives to your new home in a timely manner. Regardless of the distance from your old home to your new home, we can take care of the driving. Our Nanaimo movers will even stay in constant communication with you so you know where we are at all times.

When it’s time to start moving to Nanaimo, BC when the truck arrives in front of your new home, our services continue. We’re going to empty the contents of the truck into your home. When you give our Nanaimo movers some direction, they will place furniture in the area you want and place boxes in the proper rooms.

Nanaimo Movers Make Moving to Nanaimo, BC Easy

Our Nanaimo movers will help you with a wide range of things to make your move easy. Whatever you need, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If we don’t offer the service, we can at least point you in the right direction.

Let’s start with your personal vehicles. If you’re not moving to Nanaimo, BC from close by, you may want to fly or take the train to your new home. Our Nanaimo movers will take care of the cars and get them to your destination so it’s less for you to worry about.

Now let’s think about storage. If you’re not moving to Nanaimo, BC with a lot of storage space, we can help you. Let our Nanaimo movers find you a storage unit and get everything moved inside of it for your convenience.

Our Nanaimo movers are here to help. Moving to Nanaimo, BC is our specialty, so when you don’t want to be involved with moving, just let our movers do everything for you.



Stress and hassle free moving day
Sherry Di Magilo3
Calgary | May 9, 2013

Our family moved in here to Lantzville  2 weeks ago and I want to give thanks to Two Small Men for helping us with all our moving-in needs and we appreciate their effort even during a rough weather. Thanks to the crew they sent to us because they were very hands on and they really love what they’re doing even in tough times. They were very accommodating and they have very attentive service. They truly care for their clients by being careful with the things. I guess that’s the reason why this company is growing. I highly recommend this company for moving services if you want a stress and hassle free moving day.

Two Small Men had the best price
Linda Chan11
Nanaimo | Sept. 20, 2012

My family upgraded our detached townhouse to a single family house last month. We called four moving companies and found out that Two Small Men had the best price. Then we picked this one due to our budget. What surprised us is that they did their job fast, efficient and they are super nice to me and my family. Thanks for everything and I give you high marks.