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Top 5 Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Calgary


Calgary is home to dozens of great, walkable neighbourhoods. In fact, Calgary has over 905 km of regional pathways and 95 km of trails – this is the most extensive network of paths in North America! So, if you’re the type of person that likes to get out for a bike ride, family walk or jog, here are a few best communities in Calgary you might want to consider moving to.

CalgaryHere are five of the most walkable neighbourhoods in Calgary:

Lower Mount Royal

Mount Royal is divided into two neighbourhoods: Upper Mount Royal, which features some of the most expensive homes in Calgary, and Lower Mount Royal, which has a flatter terrain and more walking features. Lower Mount Royal has plenty of sidewalks and walkways, and its location in the heart of the city gives residents easy access to amenities like shopping and entertainment.


Mission is also located in the heart of Calgary, and it’s a popular destination for dining and nightlife. Residents of the neighbourhood can easily walk Fourth Street, which features some of the most popular eateries and shops in the city. The street is also the location of the annual Lilac Festival.

Cliff Bungalow

Like other inner city neighbourhoods, Cliff Bungalow offers walking access to many of the city’s most popular amenities. The community is also bordered by the popular Fourth Street, as well as the Elbow River. Residents can take scenic walks by the river by day and simply step over to their favourite restaurants in the evenings.  


Though Charleswood is far from the hustle and bustle of downtown, it’s still conveniently located next to many dining and entertainment options, thanks to its proximity to the University of Calgary. There are lots of walking paths and trails here making it easy to get around.

Chinook Park

Chinook Park has easy access to the Glenmore Trail for regular walks and hikes. Those who are interested in much longer walks could access to the natural area to the west or downtown to the east.

In short, Calgary has plenty of great options for those looking for accessibility and walkability. Consider any of the great neighbourhoods above when planning your Calgary move!

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