December 11,2020 | Packing Supplies & Services

Can I Hire Movers to Unload a Truck?


At Two Small Men, we get a lot of inquiries from customers asking if we can help with tasks that fall outside the realm of traditionally moving house. They want to know if they can hire our crews to unload a truck full of stuff they technically “moved” themselves, or if we can help with packing and unpacking, furniture assembly, or even moving furniture within their home. 

We thought it was time to answer some common “Can I hire movers to help with this?” questions, so keep reading to see just what we can do – you may be surprised by the flexibility!  

Can I hire movers to help unload a storage container or truck?  

Absolutely! We often help to unload storage containers, trucks, and deliveries into our customer’s home. Trucks and storage pods have a lot of space in them and typically a high volume of belongings, so hiring a moving company is really the best way – if your budget allows – to end your move on a happy and relaxed note. And because your movers will arrive at the destination, you’ll save money by having a way shorter moving day. 

Can your movers help me pack or unpack?  

You bet they can! Two Small Men crews are happy to provide professional packing and unpacking services – this is a great option if you’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by the prospect of packing up your home or unpacking all your belongings into your new home. Ask your Move Coordinator about a packing day in advance of your move so that you’re ready to go when moving day finally arrives!  

Okay, but will a moving company really assemble or disassemble furniture for me?  

This one might be surprising, but – yes! There may be some exceptions on certain furniture items, but generally speaking, moving companies are happy to help out with assembly and disassembly on furniture. Our movers are used to assembling and disassembling furniture, so you can rest at ease knowing that we’ll build it right the first time or disassemble your piece neatly and in an organized manner so you won’t be missing any parts when you’re ready to rebuild. 

Will movers come and rearrange my furniture for me?  

We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again! It’s important to note that most moving companies have a minimum moving hours charge, so you should expect to pay the minimum fee even if rearranging the furniture takes less time than that. It’s possible your moving company will provide you with a flat rate quote for a certain amount of time, but make sure you know what to expect!  

Can movers haul large garbage items away for me? 

Yes, we sure can. It can be a pain to get rid of large pieces that need to go to the trash – this happens most often in the spring as part of the spring-cleaning frenzy we all go into. Give us a call and Two Small Men can come take care of those large items. We can either donate them if an item is gently used, or we can take it straight to the dump if it’s not-so-gently used! 

Want to learn more about storage container moves? Check out our blog post Should I Hire Movers to Load My Storage Container? 

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