April 04,2018 | Moving Tips

These Items Are Harder to Move than You Think


A lot of people hire a moving company because they understand it will be too difficult for them to move all of their furniture and belongings on their own. Moving companies have the experience, training, and equipment necessary to move everything. But, there are some items that are difficult even for a professional moving company.


The Six Most Difficult Items to Move

  1. Custom-Built Furniture

The thing about furniture that’s custom built is just that – it’s custom. That means no one has any experience moving it like we do with standard store-bought furniture. Plus, large custom furniture, especially anything made out of wood like entertainment centres, can be extremely heavy. 

  1. Pianos/Instruments

There’s a reason there are professional piano moving companies. Not just anyone can pick up a piano, or other similarly large instrument, and move it to a new location safely. You need movers who are trained in the art of piano moving, like Two Small Men.

  1. Aquariums




A lot of moving companies (us included) don’t even move aquariums or fish tanks because of the fragility and complexity of the process. If you need to move an aquarium to your new home, you’ll want to do some research on the best ways to make this happen. We found this helpful post on how to move your aquarium from home to home.



  1. Basement Furniture




What makes basement furniture so difficult to move is not just the fact that it has to be moved up the stairs (though that can be a process all on its own). A lot of people who have lived in a home for a long time have made changes to that home since they originally put the furniture downstairs.

Maybe you’ve installed handrails on the stairs, or changed the layout of the main floor, or even just changed the flooring on the stairs. All of these things can impact how easy it is to move basement furniture out of the house. 

  1. Deep Freezes

Fully-stocked deep freezes are difficult items to move not because they can be very heavy (and trust us they can), but because the timing and coordination required to move them without risking anything melting. We can move full deep freezes (though not every moving company will) but we’ll have to make sure the power is on and working at your new home and that the transport time will be short enough to keep things frozen. 

  1. Dangerous Goods

This one seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many people don’t realize how difficult it is to move dangerous items like firearms, compressed gases like propane, and liquids like oil. Most moving companies will not move these kinds of things, because it’s just too dangerous.

At Two Small Men, we do have a commercial gun license, which is required for the transport of any firearms. We do not, however, move propane tanks or other potentially explosive items.

BONUS: Memories




The hardest thing of all (in fact it’s practically impossible) to move from one home to another is memories. When you move houses, even when you don’t leave any belongings behind, you will be leaving memories behind, and this can be harder to deal with than you think. As much as our big hearts want to, we can’t help you from feeling a little sad about leaving your old home. But we can, and do, do our very best to make sure everything moves into your new home as smoothly and easily as possible so you can get started making good memories there right away.


Need a free moving estimate for your upcoming move? Get yours from Two Small Men with Big Hearts today! Remember, don’t leave your instruments in the hands of someone inexperienced, if you need a piano moving company, we have you covered.


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