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How to Avoid a Physically Painful Moving Day


How to Avoid a Physically Painful Moving Day

Moving from one place to another can take quite the toll on your body both emotionally and physically. If you’re trying to move your whole house or apartment by yourself, you’re definitely going to feel it the next morning as your body may not be accustomed to so much manual labour.

If you’re going to be doing the majority of the grunt work, make sure you know how to do so safely as to not injure yourself. Better yet, try and recruit some friends or family to help make the job easier for you. Having more help will take a smaller physical toll on your body.

How to Prevent Injuries on Moving Day   

You may want to finish this tiresome job quickly, but that’s not the best mindset to have. When moving, you should be thinking safety first. Here’s some tips to help make your moving day injury free.

1) Don’t over pack your boxes: If you don’t have enough moving supplies, it’s easy to over pack the containers you do have. While you’re packing, though, you should make sure you can easily lift the box without any difficultly. A full box shouldn’t weigh more than 50 pounds. If you over pack, you can hurt your back when it comes time to relocate them.

2) Use proper equipment: To save your back and to prevent any other potential injuries, make sure you use the proper equipment when it comes time to move your things. Easily manageable tools will help you move heavier items with little effort. Some dollies and straps will go a long way to making your move safer.

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3) Don’t rush: If you’re moving within a certain time frame, it can be easy to rush, but that’s when you get injured. Lifting and carrying slowly is best for you and your furniture. When you rush, you can lose your grip on boxes, damage a piece of furniture, damage the building, or injure yourself.

4) Keep kids and pets away: Yes, they bring you joy, but not when you’re in the process of moving. Frenzied kids and excited pets can dart in your way, causing you to drop things or injure yourself to avoid hurting them. Ask friends or relatives if they will look after them to ensure everyone is safe come moving day.

Amid the rush and stress of moving, remember to slow down for safety’s sake. Keep your boxes light, equipment at hand, and pets and kids away. Enjoy your new place without having to use an ice pack.

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