April 09,2019 | Moving Tips

Here’s Why You Want to Move in the Spring


With a long, cold winter disappearing behind us, it’s no news to anyone that spring feels like a great time for new beginnings.

And what newer a beginning is there than moving into a new place?

Moving to a new home this spring?

Sure, for many, moving isn’t something they necessarily have a lot of control over scheduling. Often, a lease is up when it’s up — or the buying process ends when it ends — and you have to work around that.

All the Same, If You Can Plan — Choose a Spring Move!

When you move in the spring, you’re able to avoid a slew of frustrating problems that come with other times of the year as well as pick up on a few convenient benefits.

The Weather Makes Spring the Best Time of Year to Move

In many places in Canada, the weather swings between extremes. Deep snow and slippery sidewalks make winter moves a big pain — literally.

But while you’re at less of a risk of falling and dropping heavy furniture on yourself in summer, the muggy heat is hardly fun and will leave you totally exhausted.

Don’t suffer if you don’t have to! Take advantage of the milder spring temperatures for a more comfortable move.

Spring Flexibility in Kids’ Schedules

Whether you take advantage of spring break earlier in the season, or school ending in the latter half, if you want your kids to be a part of the move you’ve got an easy opportunity to include them.

And if you’d rather your kids were at school? You’ve got plenty of time to get the move done while they are at school anyhow.

Keep Your Summer Social Calendar Open!

By getting your move done in the spring, you’re setting yourself up for a more relaxing summer. Rather than spend significant time in the summer months turning down invites because you’ve got moving planning to do, you’ve got it all behind you.

Likewise, a comfortable spring move means that by the summer, your new home should be all set up and ready to go should you want to entertain yourself. And if you’ve got a summer vacation planned, you don’t have to stress about working around that either.

You Can Beat Peak Moving Season

By moving in the spring, you’re still able to take advantage of the off-peak season should you book a mover.

You’ll find that your moving company will have greater availability before their summer months fill up, and you might even find prices just a little lower. Again, if you’ve got the option, spring can be the best time of year to move.

Speaking of Moving Companies…

Want a hand getting your belongings moved into your new place? If you’ve never tried a moving company before, you might be surprised to hear we do more than just drive the truck! Get in contact for a free quote here — but make sure you beat the summer!

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