July 25,2017 | Moving Tips

Choose a Reputable Moving Company That Won’t Leave You High and Dry


Choose a Reputable Moving Company

It can be your worst nightmare on your moving day. You’ve paid for a moving company to help you move, and wait for them to arrive. You keep waiting and waiting and waiting, but no moving company shows up. You’ve been left high and dry by a fly-by-night moving company.

This experience is awful, and one no one should have to endure. Therefore, you should choose a reputable moving company right from the start. Choose one that will actually show up to your moving appointment.

How to Find a Reputable Moving Company

Although this sounds easy, it can be far from it. Sketchy companies and scams can be covered by low estimates and pretty websites. Avoid being taken advantage of. Here’s how to find a reputable moving company.

First, you want to look for personal recommendations. Has any of your friends or family moved recently? Were they happy with the moving company they hired? Were they extremely disappointed? Ask around and talk with them. If they were satisfied or impressed with the services they received, they’ll let you know and refer them. Their personal experiences with movers will help you determine which moving companies you should run from and which ones you should seriously consider.

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Once you have a few moving companies on your list, take a look at them individually. Flex your investigative muscles and do some digging on each company. Have they been is business long? Ideally, you want to use a mover who’s been in business for more than ten years. They’ll have the experience to move you and a proven track record of happy (or unhappy!) customers. Also look at the role they play in their community. Are they actively involved in trying to make it a better place? If they genuinely care about their fellow residents and the place they live, it’s a great indicator they’ll care about you too, and will go above and beyond what’s expected from them.

Not every moving company is a scam waiting to happen, although it often seems like there are many. You must be willing to take the time and look around, ask around, and investigate. Two Small Men with Big Hearts is a reputable moving company that has more than 30 years of experience moving personal, sentimental, and valuable belongings. If you make an effort to avoid a moving scam, it’s very likely the moving company you hired will arrive at your scheduled appointment time ready to complete your move. 

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